PPW Toys Yo Gabba Gabba Giant Figures – Muno, Brobee and Foofa

We have a status quo around here, if it’s Marvel it flies. Things have been a little quiet on the Marvel toy front, and certainly quiet on the Marvel Universe front.  There are other things out there to share with you folks though and I have other passions.  One of them is being a dad, you could say that that has quickly become my greatest passion and so far the one that has rewarded me most.  I think sharing this though will hit home with a lot of our readers.  Folks who dig Marvel tended to have grown up with it, and then had kids…so I’m thinking this will help some of you.

Christmas shopping 2012, the third Christmas of our first little guy and he’s with it this year so we have to turn it up because we’re “Mercans” and that’s what “Mercans” do.   A passion of my buddy has been Yo Gabba Gabba, this stretches back to his cognitive beginnings, so we nurture it.  It’s a mildly educational show with positive themes, fun music and it teaches kids to be individuals and independent.  To that point I’d thought we hooked up our kid with most cool Gabba things to that point, but nay nay nay…enter

PPW Toys.  This company has managed to put out some really great licensed stuff, and in my opinion their efforts culminate in this incredible TV Show accurate Yo Gabba Gabba giant action figures…read on for the bullets….and if you want to buy them, get them at our sponsor by clicking PPW Toys at Big Bad Toy Store or you can check them out direct at

PPW Toys.

The Good:

  • These figures are TV Show perfect, they look great!
  • Exceptional bright colors.
  • Though limited the articulation is smooth and allows for some TV show moment poses.
  • They are big!
  • They aren’t crazy expensive!
  • The look on my sons face when he saw these Christmas morning blew away every amazing thing I’d seen before that day and every amazing thing I’ve seen since.  He lit up brighter than a thousand Christmas trees, and since, these three toys have been his absolute favorites bar none.

The Bad:

  • I’ve got a bone to pick with PPW here…There are 3 characters in this release, just 3!! Brobee, Muno and Foofa.   There are 5 main ‘creatures’ on the show, plus DJ Lance Rock.  As a father of a huge fan of the show, coming out with less than the core group is a MAJOR problem and it needs to be corrected soon!
  • That’s the only major bad thing I can say, these figures are awesome…ok, maybe the articulation could have extended beyond arms and necks, but really they work, tiny complaint.

The Rest:

  • If your kid loves Yo Gabba Gabba…and most kids do, you can’t get a better Gabba toy or a better representation of 3/5 of the show cast.  Buy these now at PPW Toys at Big Bad Toy Store and

    PPW Toys.


Get em’ at PPW Toys or PPW Toys at Big Bad Toy Store

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