Something new! Something we haven’t seen before.  Half way at least.  Today we take a look at Astonishing first appearance Wolverine and She-Hulk.  It is in fact refreshing after a week of repaints and side-paints to look at a brand new figure.  Here we have another Toys R Us Exclusive, so make sure you have your locations scouted.  Just yesterday word of US Toys R Us locations shelving Rhino / Spidey and Doom / Spidey 2-packs hit, so be on the look out!.  It should be noted, that with this and the other TRU 2-pack exclusive (Cap / Magneto), the 2012 ‘exclusive’ collector card is included which, is in line with the 2012 single card releases.

The Good:
Wolverine (Brown on Brown)

  • Scale.  This Wolverine amongst the other Brown on Browns is just about the right size.
  • The paint app here is nice, solid, thick and detailed where it needs it.
  • This particular Wolverine doesn’t seem to have the bizarrely angled / elongated neck that a lot of other older Wolvie’s have.

She-Hulk –

  • A new character!
  • A solid female buck with lots of articulation.
  • Excellent head sculpt.
  • Even better hair sculpt.
  • Nice solid colors.

The Bad
Wolverine (Brown on Brown) –

  • We just don’t have enough Wolverine figures.
  • Remember when ToyBiz gave Wolverine retractable claws?  Wouldn’t that be great on a 3.75″ figure?
  • The mask ‘wings’ may be a little bit more exaggerated here than is absolutely necessary, they fan out pretty wide.

She-Hulk –

  • The painted on uniform at the bust line strikes me as a little funny, can’t put my finger on exactly why.
  • Same around the bikini area.  Painted on outfits of this type I think have just always sat odd with me.

The Rest:

Assuming this hits widespread Toys R Us distribution prior to wave 19, those not patient enough to wait it out will probably want to pick this up.  Anyone who must have every figure, pick this up.  Anyone that is a fan of the MU line and She-Hulk, pick this up, because at the end of the day this is likely your only chance to get She-Hulk in this classic outfit.  As an added bonus, you get another Wolverine.  At this point I find them to be quite useful…I …no I don’t really, Hasbro, please stop making Wolverine’s we are good. We’ve got just about every one that I can think of, and 6 each of near identical outfits.  It’s completely out of control and you need to stop.


The Pictures:

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