Well, I was going to post a different review today but a discussion about this one came up, so why not.  Let’s take a look at another version of first appearance Wolverine and another version of what is becoming to be considered the defacto Hulk for the 3.75 scale.

The Good:
Wolverine (First appearance) –

  • With the first appearance Wolverine hitting so recently it was bold to put out another in a two-pack, but we get some upgrades.
  • There is more paint detail here, brighter more vibrant colors.  We have visible arm hair!
  • There was also additional attention paid to the eye details.  I prefer the details on this 2-pack fig in just about every way to the single card release.

Hulk –

  • I had mentioned previously on a board that I felt like this Hulk got more detail than the Hulk we just got / are about to get with Wave 18.  After a second and third look  I’m preferring this two pack release to the single card even more.
  • This Hulk brings us additional facial detail…eyebrows!  Just makes the face look more whole to me.
  • The overall package of this Hulk makes me think of classic Hulk on a modern frame and I’m all for it.
  • Points of articulation are the same as the Wave 18 release and they just don’t stop.

The Bad:
Wolverine (First appearance) –

  • I feel like I keep repeating myself…but I …we ….I’ve got enough Wolverine’s that if I started melting them down, and siphoned out the water from the liquid plastic, I could then use that water to survive a zombie apocalypse and really have no problems for a good solid few years.  Too far?

Hulk –

  • My only complaint here is a comparison to the Wave 18 Hulk.  I prefer the 2-pack coloring, it’s lighter making it feel more ‘classic’, but the shadow details are definitely lacking in comparison.

The Rest:

As always, if you missed the single card release of either of these figures this 2-pack is an excellent chance to fill the holes in your collection.  I don’t think I could encourage anyone but the most devout collector to get both the single cards and this set because the figures are just too similar.  I would however encourage anyone to get this 2-pack over the single card releases of these figures.  I feel like Hasbro did the single card run, retooled and fixed / tweaked some minor things to definitively better results.

The Pictures:

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