Over at Marvel.com they are currently having a live blog regarding the “next big thing.”  Well, it turns out that is the return of Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier.  Yes, I know you thought he died during Fear Itself, but apparently in Fear Itself 7.1 (because . anything these days in comics is the norm) we find out Bucky isn’t dead.

I haven’t personally read Fear Itself 7.1, but from what I understand the only Marvel heroes that know Bucky is still alive so far are Steve Rogers, Black Widow and Nick Fury.  Let’s be real Nick Fury knows everything!

Winter Solider #1 will be written by the immortal Ed Brubaker.  To sum up what we can expect from the Winter Soldier series Brubaker said, “This is me trying to create a book that is James Bond meets Splinter Cell in the Marvel Universe.”

Do you love it, hate it or could you care less?  I like Bucky, I love Bucky as Cap and I am fine with Winter Soldier.

I’ll read this book because in the end, Ed Brubaker has street cred that goes for miles.


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