ComicWow is the multi-media marketing hub of Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. Their main goals are to assist others in their marketing/production needs and guide the community to their local comic book shops.

Through the use of film and original programming, ComicWow is able to relay vendors’ products to prospective buyers in a unique and creative way.

The “WOW” factor in “ComicWow” comes from not only content regarding comics, but the entire industry, including cosplay, toys, games, and more. Special guests help expand ComicWow’s audience around the globe, and viewer benefits keep fans and members of the industry interested.

Utilizing current and future technologies, ComicWow aims to keep up with the ever changing tech industry.  As well as bringing consumers new creative content through their original programming.

You can see some of their material at, as well as their social media sites as listed below:





Instagram: @TheRealComicWow

Twitter: @TheRealComicWow

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