Hey everyone, thanks for hangning in there with MUReview and sorry for the limited to no posts this week.

That’s not entirely true. James really stepped it up and filled in some blanks for us, so thank you very much James.

MUReview was directly affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Our homes were not damaged but we were without power and Internet connectivity for days.  Our loved ones are still being affected, our friends, many have had their lives devastated.  We were lucky to escape with what little inconvenience we had to endure, it is certainly nothing compared to what those near to us, and far from us are trying to live through now and our hearts and prayers go out to them.

I don’t know that we’d make much of a dent, but if anyone is interested in donating, please email the site.  Based on the response I will set up a chip in and find a reasonable charity that is making headway in relief efforts here.  If the news and friends are to be believed, the Red Cross doesn’t seem like it’s a worthy charity at this point and that is pretty scary.


We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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