Watchmen Vinimates Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandis

Who watches the Watchmen?  Quiet a few people actually.  They had this comic book, then a movie, pretty big deal, and now, The Watchmen are being translated into a TV series!  Heck, DC has even found a way to bring them into the DC Comic Universe proper, it was very big news out of NYCC 2017.  That said, some of the coolest Watchmen news of 2017, Watchmen Vinimates!  And thanks to Diamond Select Toys, we get an up close look at Doctor Manhattan and Ozymandis!

Doctor Manhattan | Ozymandis | The Rest | Availability | Group Photos

Doctor Manhattan

  • He’s beautiful in blue!  
  • Diamond Select Toys once again truly captures the spirit of the character in their unique Mates art style!
  • Iconic “I’m just here to help” pose is perfect.
  • He glows in the dark!



  • The big Oz, you can see that smug, arrogant smirk from a mile away.  DST has nailed the character once again.  
  • Tons of rich etched / sculpted detail all over Ozy, mainly on his gold pieces.  
  • His cape falls perfectly over his shoulders.
  • Smug pose matches smug, punchy face.  Man I wanna punch him.  It takes some kind of magic to make me want to punch a figure as much as I want to punch the character.  



The Rest:

  • The Watchmen series of Vinimates brings this absolutely iconic property to one of the most fun formats going.  Vinimates is crushing it, nailing character after character with picture perfect likeness, capturing poses that are truly special for each character.  Vinimates generally run about $9.99 new, for their size, and so much detail, absolutely well worth the price of admission and beyond.  Check them out!


Family Photos:

MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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