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Marvelites assemble! “Thor” and “Captain America: The First Avenger” earned a whopping 20 nominations combined at this year’s Spike TV SCREAM Awards, but our heroes need your help to take home the statue!

You can vote right now for your favorite super heroes–as well as “X-Men: First Class,” CAPTAIN AMERICA writer and Marvel Architect Ed Brubaker and AVENGERS artist John Romita, Jr.–at the official SCREAM Awards website!

Check out the full list of all the Marvel nominations below, and click on through to cast your vote! Assemble with Thor and Captain America to help them dominate the SCREAM awards! Tune in to this year’s SCREAM Awards October 18 beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET only on Spike TV!

Vote for “Captain America: The First Avenger” in:
The Ultimate Scream
Best Science Fiction Movie
Best 3-D Movie
Best Science Fiction Actress – Hayley Atwell
Best Science Fiction Actor – Chris Evans
Best Villain – Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull
Best Superhero – Chris Evans as Captain America
Best Supporting Actor – Tommy Lee Jones
Breakout Performance: Female – Hayley Atwell
Fight Scene of the Year – Final Battle: Captain America vs. Red Skull
Best Comic Book Movie

Vote for “Thor” in:
The Ultimate Scream
Best Fantasy Movie
Best Superhero – Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Best Supporting Actress – Jaimie Alexander
Breakout Performance: Female – Jaimie Alexander
Breakout Performance: Male – Chris Hemsworth
Breakout Performance: Male – Tom Hiddleston
Best F/X
Best Comic Book Movie

Vote for “X-Men: First Class” in:
The Ultimate Scream
Best Fantasy Movie
Best Director – Matthew Vaughn
Best Scream-Play
Best Fantasy Actress – Jennifer Lawrence
Best Fantasy Actor – Michael Fassbender
Best Fantasy Actor – James McAvoy
Best Villain – Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw
Best Superhero – James McAvoy as Professor X
Breakout Performance: Female – Zoe Kravitz
Breakout Performance: Male – Michael Fassbender
Best Cameo – Hugh Jackman
Best Ensemble
Best Comic Book Movie

Vote for Ed Brubaker in:
Best Comic Book Writer

Vote for John Romita, Jr. in:
Best Comic Book Artist

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