Dorbz: Ghostbusters

We’re ready to believe you!

Drop the spores, molds, and fungus – Ghostbusters Dorbz are on their way!

Ray, Peter, Egon, and Winston, are protecting
your collection from the paranormal!

Also introducing Vinyl Sugar’s first Dorbz chase variants! Keep an eye out for
marshmallowed Ray and slimed Peter – 1 out of every 6 pieces!

Coming in December!

Dorbz: Horror

Vinyl Sugar would like to welcome Freddy Krueger, Leatherface,
Jason Voorhees, and Pinhead into the Dorbz family!

Who said horror can’t be cute!?
Just don’t let their smiling faces deceive you!

Have the scariest, most adorable Halloween ever!

Coming in October!

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