Vinyl Idolz: Shaun of the Dead

Vinyl Sugar is delighted to welcome a
new set of zombie hunting Vinyl Idolz!

Shaun and Ed are ready to save some lives,
grab some pints at the Winchester and
wait this zombie thing out…or is it too late for one of them?

There’s no time like a zombie apocalypse
to try to win your girlfriend back!

Coming in September!

Vinyl Idolz: Young Frankenstein

Alive! It’s alive! Our new Young Frankenstein Vinyl Idolz are alive!

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein – that’s FRONK-en-steen – never
wanted to accept his family history, but then he found his
grandfather’s diary and found himself changing his mind.

Igor is happy to steal a brain for you, as long as you don’t
have your heart set on receiving the one you specifically
asked for. An Abby Normal brain, perhaps?

Watch out for The Monster – if he escapes, he may try
to kill you or even steal your fiancé! Hopefully you can
play the violin and lure him back to safety.

Coming in September!

Vinyl Idolz: Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Hey bud, let’s party! Fast Times at Ridgemont High
is joining the Vinyl Idolz line!

Jeff Spicoli is here to learn about Cuba and have some food.
We at Vinyl Sugar certainly agree that there’s nothing
wrong with a little feast on our time!

Brad Hamilton just wants to finish paying off his car,
but a job where he has to dress like a pirate is too much to take.
After being dumped AND getting fired a few times,
Brad’s still waiting for the fun to start!

Just remember: No shirt, no shoes, no dice!

Coming in October!

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