Vinimates: Lost In Space B-9 Robot

There are 2 kinds of people in this world.  Those that love Lost in Space, and those that are just incorrect.  …maybe 3… I guess I’ll allow for the odd strange lad or lady that hasn’t seen it.  Still though, my childhood was well built upon re-runs of Lost in Space.  My dreams are frequently filled with a wacky looking robot screaming Danger Will Robinson!  Fast forward almost 40 years, and today, has landed on my shelf, the Lost In Space B-9 Robot Vinimate.  What is a Vinimate?  Picture  the same incredible art and design of a Minimate, bigger, more ornate, vinyl, and more statue-esque.  Why do you want this one though?  Apart from being wrong if you don’t?

B-9 Robot

The Good

  • The Vinimate design captures B-9 show-perfect here.
  • Spinning head dome!
  • His muted grey / silver is strongly contrasted by the explosive red hands.
  • Scuplt detail here is top notch, all of the lines you remember, 
  • Sharp detail on B-9’s front panel, contrasting colors make the panel look like it’s actually lighting up even though it’s paint.

The Bad

  • Of the amazing new Vinimates line of toys, few characters cry out for articulation quite like B-9.  Arms that flail was his signature move, I get what Vinimates is going for, I love it…but I would have loved it with flailing arms more.  

The Rest:

  • Who doesn’t want a B-9 in their house?  No one…This is an incredibly faithful treatment to the character and should find a happy place on anyone’s shelves!


Amazon has this awesome Vinimate in stock today!




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