Ultimate Spider-Man – Scarlet Spider
As is often the case with the Ultimate Spider-Man / Spider-Man toy lines, we get unannounced surprises.  Here with Scarlet Spider, no different, he just came out of nowhere on store shelves, and go figure, you could actually find him?!  There is some awesome stuff here, and some outright terrible stuff, let’s discuss.

Scarlet Spider

The Good

  • The paint is amazing. Glossy, perfectly applied.
  • Attention to detail on the alt color finger tips.
  • Sharp clean lines.
  • All of this good stuff, it’s about paint isn’t it? The paint is awesome.  That’s good, because at the end of the day, this figure looks just like Scarlet Spider, and for how I collect and display, that’s perfect.

The Bad

  • The articulation!  Holy moly, I feel like I haven’t seen figures this limited since the original Secret Wars toy line.  In fact, this figure feels almost like a Daredevil I used to own from that same line.
  • No elbow joints, no knee joints, no wrist or ankles.  No hip movement, no torso movement.  you are getting a figure that can stand up and not much else.

The rest

Harsh, I know, on the articulation, but as stated, I’m displaying this figure.  I’ll never play with him and I don’t make dioramas. Scarlet Spider will fit in perfectly with my collection of many Spidey’s, and he is welcome.


Amazon had him for me at a few bucks extra, but check KMart, Walmart and Target plus Toys R Us and you probably won’t be disappointed.


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