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Marvel has provided Newsarama with the exclusive first look at December’sUltimate Comics Ultimates #19 cover, clearly indicating that Iron Patriot is set to make his Ultimate Universe debut.

Here’s the copy Marvel provided: “Iron Patriot Wants You To Help Rebuild America.”

The timing of this is conspicuous for at least two reasons: Iron Patriot looks to be making an appearance, in some form, in May 2013’s Iron Man 3 film. Following leaked set photos, it was reported that it’s a new look for War Machine, but given that Marvel has applied for several trademarks relatingto the character, it appears they have definite “Iron Patriot” plans.

 Also relevant is the looming major “decision” Ultimate Captain America will make in the midst of the currently ongoing “Divided We Fall” storyline, which has been promoted by the publisher for months and takes place in the Sam Humphries-written, Billy Tan-illustratedUltimates #15, out next week — though it remains to be seen if this image has anything to do with that, it certainly seems at least likely.

Iron Patriot, intended as an Iron Man/Captain America visual hybrid, debuted in the mainstream Marvel Universe as a new guise of Norman Osborn, the former Green Goblin, when he and his “Dark Avengers” were in charge of national security in the “Dark Reign” era post-Secret Invasion. It seems unlikely given circumstances that this Iron Patriot has anything to do with the Ultimate version of Norman Osborn, though the end of 2011’s “Death of Spider-Man” story left his fate somewhat ambiguous.

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