Writers: Brian Michael Bendis, Jonathan Hickman & Nick Spencer
Artists: Sara Pichelli, Salvador Larroca & Clayton Crain
Colorists: Justin Ponsor & Frank D’Armata
Letterers: VC’s Cory Petit & Clayton Cowles
Cover: Mark Bagley, Andy Lanning & Justin Ponsor


This book covers 3 story lines, Spider-Man, Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), and Valerie Cooper.  After reading cover to cover, my opinion was that the art got much stronger towards the back cover (Cooper’s story), while the story got more convoluted as well.  Readers who haven’t been keeping up with the Ultimate Universe will likely feel very lost.  The three arcs were pushed forward, however, as with “combo” type books, none of the three felt like they went far enough.

Spider-Man’s pages were relegated mainly to a fight, showing that Miles Morales definitely has the Spider-chops, with Spider-Sense tingling and all.  After having a very public fight with Kangaroo man, he leaves a crowd of confused spectators wondering why Spider-Man just climbed a wall after they all just watched his funeral on TV.

With all the Internet buzz over new Spidey, it’s a little bit of a puzzle as to why the issue came wrapped in a covering plastic bag.

Otherwise, I feel it’s pertinent to share here if everywhere else, understand that Spider-Man is NOT dead.  Not in the standard Marvel Universe timeline.  This is the Ultimate Marvel Universe, a side universe where Marvel tells different stories of the way things are if everyone was “edgier”.  You can still pick up your weekly comic book with everyone’s favorite wall crawling dork Peter Parker, and enjoy them.

The Reed Richards story shows Reed floating around the Negative Zone with no way home.  He figures out how to teleport himself back home, and the next pages appear to be the invention of an Ultimate Universe Future Foundation.

Valerie Cooper’s story arc looks great, is boring.  It’s a conversation over ice cream that ends in a potential allergic reaction and it coming out that “the world’s about to find out that the United States government created mutants.”

If you haven’t been keeping up in the Ultimate Universe this book is likely going to confuse, if not bore you a little bit.  Everyone will buy it anyway because now Spider-Man represents multiple minorities and that’s buzz worthy.  I don’t have an opinion on the Spider-Man replacement, I’d really like to see how he shakes out and does the job.  My one thought though, and far more controversial…what if they made the new Spider-Man an Ice Cream Cone?  What If huh?

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