Transformers Titans Return Voyager Class Overlord
I am in love with Transformers all over again. It happened when I couldn’t not pick up a Hot Rod and Firedrive figure at Target one day.  It’s been downhill from there.  I have to be honest though, there have been folks reviewing Transformers figures for a long time that are going to do it far better than me.  I’ve done a few, Arcee for starters.  One…I’ve done one, just Arcee.  I look forward to doing more in the future though, I mentioned Rodimus….maybe we take a look at Trypticon after Christmas?  For now, one of Trypticon’s buddies (and a Transformer he’ll connect to!) Overlord!

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The Good

  • This is a Quad-Changer…four different possibilities in one.  
    • Robot
    • Base (that connects to Sky Shadow and Trypticon)
    • Tank (bottom half of Overlord)
    • Stealth jet (top half of Overlord)
  • Transformations are so easy and intuitive while remaining complex enough to be satisfying.
  • The overall look of each mode is excellent, though admittedly I’m not familiar with Overlord’s source material.  
  • For as large as he is, this Decepticon features a solid range of movement in arms, legs and torso.  

The Bad

  • I really have nothing here. I had a blast transforming and combining Overlord, I think his base mode is really cool, and I can’t wait to link him up with Trypticon.

The rest

The floodgates are kind of open now for me and Transformers.  Getting Overlord gratis from Hasbro was such a great surprise to add to my growing collection.  I don’t know a lot about the character, but he’s a great looking, fun to transform figure.  He sits nicely next to Starscream, Galvatron, Hot Rod, and Optimus. I can’t ask for much more I don’t think.


Get Overlord here today!

The Pictures


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