So, word yesterday via The Hollywood Reporter was  Hasbro is in talks with Paramount, Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg for Transformers 4.   The update today from Variety says that not only is Transformers 4 on the table, but a fifth film is also being talked about.  The films would reportedly be shot back to back.

Thankfully, Shia LeBeouf is definitely out of any future films.  His potential replacement may be Jason Statham.  Talk about a HUGE difference in a leading man.  Also, it has been said Michael Bay would direct both films even though he has said in the past he was done with the franchise.

What do you think?  Good, bad or indifferent?  I personally am always up for another Transformers movie.  Dark of the Moon had a few pacing problems, but other than that it was a solid film.  Let’s not forget we are talking about movies based on giant talking robots from space here.

My hope is they take a nod from the success of War for Cybertron and go the prequel route rather than another sequel.  This removes the human element fans seem to complain about constantly.

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