Toys-to-Life Co-op Adventure Game “Oniri Islands – Children of the River” Meets Kickstarter Goal   

Tourmaline studio announces successful $30K kickstarter campaign for its upcoming toys-to-life tablet co-op adventure game Oniri Islands – Children of the River



 Geneva, Switzerland, April 17 – Geneva-based game developer, Tourmaline Studio, announced today the successful completion of its kickstarter campaign for toy-to-life cooperative adventure game Oniri Islands – Children of the River. The goal for the Kickstarter campaign was set at $30,000, which will go towards the tooling and manufacturing of the figurines. There are still 24 hours to go before the end of the campaign for backers to support new stretch goals.

Kickstarter Page for Oniri Islands 

Oniri Islands – Children of the River is striking for its colorful and attractive art style, as well as the social interaction that develops between the players through its gameplay. It’s a co-op experience where players use two figurines, which represent the game’s two heroes Mina and Tim, to drag along the screen and explore the island together in unison. Players find hidden items and solve entertaining puzzles while also earning unique powers that are physically represented by masks that can be placed on the figurines.

“We’re are thrilled to be funded on Kickstarter with still one day to go! With the pledges and thanks to our fans and community, we can now start the production of the toys. Our backers are really excited about our project and they are looking forward the upcoming release in November 2017.” says Camille, co-founder of Tourmaline Studio. 

Oniri Islands – Children of the River is scheduled to release in Q4 2017 on both Apple and Android tablets for $35.00 USD. The starter pack will include two figurines alongside the application delivering a storyline inspired by Peter Pan’s Lost boys (JM Barrie) in 3 chapters full of life and vibrant imagery.

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About Oniri Islands: Children of the River

Oniri Islands is a co-op adventure game for two players. You play two kids lost on a mysterious island, searching for your shadows. You will find animal masks giving you magical powers to survive. Mina and Tim, the heroes, are two smart toys that come to life on your tablet. Move them on the screen to explore the fabulous world of Oniri Islands! Oniri is made for adventure game lovers from 6 years old and up!

About Tourmaline Studio

Tourmaline is a Geneva based interactive studio crafting new kinds of games. Blending tangible and digital realms. Today video games are not only played on one screen as well as the gamepad is not the only way to interact with the game anymore. We believe some of the greatest innovation in games will come from the combination of the warmth and tactile touch provided by physical design with the various interactive possibilities given by new technologies and digital content. Our goal is to create innovative and memorable gaming experiences.

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