On the first night of Toy Fair, Kabam hosted a great event at an offsite location to show of their upcoming Transformers strategic, role-play based brawler, Transformers Forged To Fight.  This game takes Transformers to the next level, all levels in fact.  Forged to Fight will let you play any Transformer pretty much ever, against any other Transformer pretty much ever.  The catalog of characters spans all generations and timelines.  The game offers excellent one on one combat that fans of Marvel Contest of Champions will be familiar with (also a Kabam game).  It also adds more depth with role-play elements, strategy elements, base management, as well as a new over the shoulder camera view for map movement.  Guess what else….Transforming is part of fighting!  The game is going to be fantastic and should be available later this year.  Check out the images for a first look.



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