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Tomy is taking over the world, one Pokemon at a time.  This year, Tomy has gone to great lengths to expand the Pokemon line just massively.  Adding to their portfolio, they are bringing Lightseekers to market in the fall of this year.  One of the most innovative Toys-To-Life packages we’ve ever seen!  Let’s have a look at all the great stuff coming from Tomy this year!

Lightseekers | Pokemon | Sonic The Hedgehog

Lightseekers  Lightseekers, coming this fall is a marvel in connected play.  Figures run off of “Fusion Cores”, they interact with a tablet / phone app, they have accelerometers, and tons of sold separately accessories from weapons to flight packs and more.  Unlike other toys to life games where you place a toy on a pad or portal, these toys, you move them in the real world and watch them move in the game.  It’s amazing and fun, and I can’t wait for Fall!!


Pokemon  Pokemon has exploded all over again, and Tomy is making some awesome toys for you to bring the experience into the real world.  Articulated action figures are the bread and butter, and the litlgeeks have loved them and have a massive collection.  The role play toys though are fantastic, pouches, belts, Pokeballs!  This year though, Tomy is offering adorable little collectible playsets and Pokemon, check out the images to see what I’m talking about, because honestly I lack words for something this adorable.


Sonic The Hedgehog  Tomy expands the Sonic The Hedgehog line further in 2017, more figures, more toys, more more more!

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