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A walk through the NECA booth at any convention is equal parts amazing toys mixed with Disney World’s The Great Movie Ride.  NECA just has so many fantastic licenses that they treat so affectionately, every toy pulls at your nostalgic heart strings, that is, every toy that isn’t already overtly awesome and you have to have it for all the other billion reasons…but I digress.  We walked through NECA at Toy Fair, we had a great time with our guide Summer, who displayed knowledge and passion for NECA’s products that is rarely seen and always appreciated.  She also held up a giant ass Thor hammer.  Re-read that, here I’ll help…Giant, Ass, Thor, Hammer.  She’s worthy, so is NECA, let’s check out the fun in pictures!

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Marvel  NECA’s Marvel offerings are jaw dropping.  Giant Daredevil (comic), with accessories that make the heart sing.  Deadpool, Captain America is coming soon (pending licencor approval).  We also got looks at Iron Man and Movie Doctor Strange, stunning, beautiful.  Let’s not forget their offerings for Spider-Man Homecoming and Guardians 2.  Check out the purdy pictures, swoon and be wantful.


DC   If Marvel gets giant figures, so does DC, right?  Well, they get a few other things too, and we will talk about that next, but check out Catwoman, Penguin


Versus What if I told you Batman punched a Predator, Superman slapped an Alien…what If I told you those things?  You’d say, I know, there was a comic-series about it.  Well, then, what if I told you that NECA was able to use that series to be able to make sick figures of both Aliens, Predators, Batman, Superman, and even more!  You’d be pretty excited, wouldn’t you?  This was some of the biggest news out of Toy Fair, and now you get to see it with your facial eyes.


Games  NECA has games covered too, God of War, Heroes of the Storm, Five Nights at Freddy’s.  These are all things you will need to buy and soon.


Movies  Tons to be excited about from NECA in the movies category.  A giant-sized Terminator, I asked, the bullets should be molded on in the final, Aliens, so many aliens, a bunch of new Predators, pillars too!  NECA has gone to the business of re-visiting previously released characters and re-created them beautifully with all the new tooling and lessons learned since initial releases.  We also got a little insight to Alien Covenant.  Spoiler alert, NECA is making the figures, one is a new Xenomorph, the other is a new creature entirely.   Not that the whole booth wasn’t worth note, but also of note, we get the Rocky / Mick combo of figures from the original casts from the “That’s Brisk Baby” iced tea commercials.  We get so much amazing Evil Dead stuff, so much.  Ash, and ASHY SLASHY (fully working puppet)!  A truly disturbing set of Freddie Kruger’s, one with an entry for light in the back of his head, so you can backlight him, and that light will illuminate the cross on the front of his head!


Preacher  Doing this cult followed TV show justice with figures!  

Life-Sized  It’s weird how stuff like this works.  NECA started bringing these massive character likenesses to market, I can’t remember, a year, two years ago? Maybe even 3, with Harley, Batman.  I remember the first time seeing them thinking, holy moly that is astonishing, I want one.  I still want one….or all of them, but it’s strange that since they’ve been out, I feel like the shock, at least for me is gone. I expect to go to a comic store and see them there.  I no longer feel compelled to hug them.  That doesn’t make them any less amazing though.  Brilliantly designed with miles of detail, if you can afford a Five Nights at Freddy’s giant art piece, you should get one!


Stands  NECA is setting the bar high, and the price point very reasonable with their offerings in action figure stands.


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