Link to  Toy Fair Mega Post

I don’t want to toot my own horn, but we here at MUReview kinda already blew things out with Mezco at their pre-Toy Fair event.   You should definitely click that link and read up, tons of great info, exceptional figures.  For the Toy Fair show floor, at Mezco, we don’t have any visual updates to add, though we still took tons of pictures and you can check them out in uncategorized “hey this is what the Mezco booth looked like” fashion below.  For now, I do want to take a moment to relay something i found to be vitally important.  One:12 figures will continue to get variants.  No one was making a peep as to what variants….but the promise and the hope is all I need.  Also important, review of the One:12 Flash within the next 3 weeks!  


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