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I can’t describe how awesome Mezco is.  There might not be words for it. There certainly are pictures though and I took a …healthy amount to share with you all, my friends!  Mezco held it’s event at their home base in Long Island City NY.  Getting there was interesting considering some rough weather, and when I arrived there was no question, this place would be awesome.  I even accidentally went into the wrong door and found myself on a whole abandoned floor.  Once I got my bearings though, I found the right door, the right elevator, and Mezco presented me with all of it’s coming glory for 2017 and 2018.  

If you aren’t familiar with Mezco’s fine wares, they are the creators of the One:12 figure line.  Dare I say a premium collector grade line featuring the finest characters from Marvel, DC, Hanna-Barbera, Ghostbusters, Star Trek.  Amazing articulation, tons of extras, premium clothing, perfect features.  Mezco has other stuff too though! Mez-Itz, Living Dead Dolls, 15 inch figures, Thundercats, they have the market cornered on Hellraiser and a ton of other great horror licenses.  If Mezco wasn’t on your list before this post, they should be now.  Check out a quick video of a walk through of the event, then keep scrolling for up close shots of all the amazing things we saw today.  

A very special thank you to Mezco for having us out.  We admired your toys from afar…and we had money.  Then you started making Marvel and DC One:12 figures…and now we don’t have money anymore.  So…thanks for that too I think.

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Now, pictorially, let’s take a look at the stunning figures and amazements we saw today.

The One:12 Collective


Mezco is cleaning up with amazing iterations of iconic characters from DC, whether it’s comic or movie based, they are all just perfect figures.  Highlights for this show for me, Darkseid (previously shown), and Batman.  Just a fantastic take on the character and I’m sure there will be more info on both, as well as pre-orders soon.  All figures from DC are either out now, coming soon or early 2018.  

     Batman Ascending Knight Batman was an awesome surprise for me.  Coming in 2017 around holiday time, I’ve been spun pretty busy with kids and work.  If this Batman was announced before today, I didn’t know, but now I know.  Sounds like a song I heard.


     Darkseid Darkseid, I knew about.  I’ve seen him a few times and every time I get closer and he looks meaner and more epic.  The glowing lights! They do everything!  Everything except time travel. Darkseid isn’t till 2018.

     Deathstroke  Deathstroke is coming out this year.  He looks freaking amazing, and we are gonna review him for you!


     Flash The Flash…he’s out in Winter of 2017.  I think that means like, Winter now Winter, not Winter later.  I’ve got him pre-ordered and we will check him out for you!



     Green Arrow  Ugh, listed as available now, pre-orders are sold out for this exceptional figure.  Secondary market it is.  Must have.



    Harley Quinn Announced just recently, this figure is every bit as awesome as you heard.  She’ll be out in 2017.


    Joker This wild card is out Winter of this year.  I’m not sure if this is Winter now or Winter later, but he’s just plain sick.  Look at that suit!


    Shazam Totally not into Shazam, doesn’t matter, Mezco still nailed this figure.  Spring 2017.


     Superman Spring of 2017 can’t come soon enough, I can’t wait to review this for you!


    Wonder Woman Just beautiful.  Fall 2017.



The One:12 Marvel roster expanded in some surprising ways this morning.  Doctor Strange…Iron Man.  We also got more looks at Wolverine, Daredevil, Punishder, Deadpool, Spider-Man and the rest of the gang.  Check em out.  Note!  Also mentioned and placed in the catalog, a teaser for Thor Ragnarok.  Nothing shown, can’t wait to see what’s coming though!  Hey…this line feels light in Guardians of the Galaxy too…and, maybe I should obligatorially complain about a missing Richard Rider Nova Prime…man, can you imagine? I can imagine…

     Daredevil Comic Version  You can buy Daredevil now.  I bought the Shadowlands convention exclusive.  He’s awesome, I reviewed him, I loved him.  He hangs at my desk at work.  I’d love a red one, but I don’t think I can justify buying him again just for the different color.  That said, if you didn’t get the exclusive, just buy this now.  You owe it to yourself.


     Daredevil Netflix Version This is Daredevil, but 100% more Netflixy.  He’s out Holiday 2017 and he’s really just show perfect.


     Deadpool  Deadpool comes out in Fall.  This angers me.  The further I get down this list the angrier I get.  I want these figures now! That said, we will be reviewing Deadpool! Can’t wait!


     Doctor Strange Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain!  The good Doctor will be gracing my house some time in Fall of 2017.  Had no idea he was coming before today…now, my life is complete.


     Iron Man  Another figure, no idea he was coming.  This is amazing, takes the One:12 brand to a whole other level introducing the armor like this.  I can’t wait to get this on my shelves.  Holiday of 2017.  I need someone to buy me some Christmas presents. Just sayin’.


     Punisher He’s out now ’nuff said!


     Red Skull This evil sum’bitch is both Red and Skully and coming to you in Spring of this year!


     Spider-Man Good ole’ Spidey.  It’s crazy, this might be the longest a line hasn’t had Spider-Man in it.  But in Summer of 2017, he will be in it, and in my house.


     Wolverine He’s the yellowest and brown there is at what he does.  This classic version of Wolverine will be available Fall of 2017.


Ghostbusters The Ghostbusters come to One:12 in 2018!


Star Trek  Star Trek continues an incredible run under the One:12 umbrella.  Fans of the original series should continue to delight as more core crew members, Sulu, Bones, come to the line.  Fans of TNG, keep waiting.  All shown are out now or coming this year.


Evil Dead Ash Ash is scheduled to hit in 2018…and he’s all outta bubblegum.


Dawn of the Dead High marks for beautiful bloody flannel.  This figure hits in 2018.


Dawn of the Dead He’s dead, so it’s gonna take him a while to get here, find him in 2018.


Space Ghost I’m really happy to have Space Ghost available, especially with Blip!  But I will not rest until I get Brak and Zorak!  Space Ghost hits Spring 2017!


Popeye Uncle Joey from Full House is sure to be pleased.  This absolutely stunning figure is out in 2018.


Diabolik Makes me a crappy site runner and fan of comics. I have no idea who Diabolik is, but I’m tired, and he comes out in 2018 and he looks amazing.


And you might ask…what’s next from MUReview from Mezco?  Themuthafudgin PUNISHER!! Stay tuned, the review of this not-for-sale exclusive is coming SOON!!


The One:12 Collective isn’t all that Mezco has to offer, though admittedly, it’s our clear favorite, and already nestled very closely to our hearts.  Mezco has a ton of incredible offerings and new products in 2017, let’s check em out!

Mez-Itz Trick R Treat, Beetljuice, Chucky and the Batmobile will all be available in 2017!


Living Dead Dolls All things being equal, not up my alley, but the attention to detail on these dolls is staggering.


Thundercats Mumm-Ra and Lion-o grace the already copious line of Thundercats by Mezco!  Check em’ in Spring of 2017.


15 Inch Horror Figures Chucky, Trick R’ Treat, Annabelle, Beetlejuice, Hellraiser, all will see shelves in 2017 I think.  


Burst A Box All of the horror icons, bursting out of boxes.  These are the toys your nightmares didn’t know you needed, Coming in 2017!


Puzzle Blox It started with the Hellraiser cube, now get more scary Puzzle Blox!


1000 thank yous Mezco.  It was worth the effort to brave the weather because you showed us everything we are going to be poor over in 2017, and even a few insights into 2018.  This is so much to be excited about.  Head over to Mezco Toyz online to check out and pre-order a ton of great stuff!



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