Mezco One:12 Toy Fair Exclusive Punisher

“Come on god, answer me. for years I’m asking why, why are the innocent dead and the guilty alive? Where is justice? Where is punishment? Or have you already answered, have you already said to the world here is justice, here is punishment, here, in me.” – The Punisher 1989

MUReview was lucky enough to have been invited to the Mezco 2017 Pre-Toy Fair Event at their headquarters in Long Island City.  We had a great time and brought you, what I hope you think, was awesome coverage of the event!  When we left that event, our friends at Mezco handed us a bag with a Toy Fair Exclusive One:12 Collective figure in it.  Now…I’m not going to lie to you, I wanted to open that bag, right in front of everyone and see what was in it. I really really wanted to, but that seemed immature.  So, I went around the corner to the couch where my coat was, peeked into the bag, and saw The One:12 Collective Punisher figure.  My heart leapt, I wanted to skweee with joy, but also, that felt immature, so I didn’t.  I waited till I got outside, and did a silent tiny fist pump.  A fist pump that I didn’t know at the time, probably should have been way bigger.  Turns out, not only did Mezco hook me up with the One:12 Punisher, and I wouldn’t find out till later, this is actually a Toy Fair exclusive figure, that as far as I can tell, was / will only be handed out by Mezco at that event, and maybe at Toy Fair 2017 to some folks that missed the event.  So…pretty cool, right? WRONG! Fudgin’ amazing is what it is, because not only is the Punisher an epic figure for the ages, this one is made even cooler by being just…none more black is the best way I can describe it.  Let’s have a look at The Mezco One:12 Toy Fair 2017 Exclusive Punisher!

The Good

  • Remember that scene in the Matrix where Neo is like “Guns, lots of guns”?  Mezco applied that logic here.  The Punisher comes with some of the most amazing weapon accessories I have ever seen included.  Buckle up, I’m gonna talk about guns for a little before I get to the figure.
    • Included sub-machine gun comes with two clips.  They actually clip into the gun.  
    • Pistol comes with two clips, they also actually clip into the gun.
    • Machine gun comes with two clips…they clip into the freaking gun (sense a theme?!)
    • Grenade launcher comes with 6 bullets.  The stock of the launcher rotates so that you can pop each bullet into the 6 round chamber.  The grenade launcher stock also has a hinge that flips up for alternate methods of storage and in-hand carry.
    • Bullet burst effect included and it fits into the barrel of each gun (except grenade launcher).
    • Not applicable to this figure or the standard retail Punisher, but if you score the $130 deluxe version, he comes with…you guessed it…EVEN MORE GUNS!!!
    • Also included, a knife, that if you tried hard enough, you could probably actually cut something with.  It’s small, but for plastic, it’s got an edge.
  • Ok, enough gushing about guns….ok one more.  The pistol, check the gallery, the slide action actually works!  (the top part of the gun is articulated to go back and forth as the gun would do in real life when fired, or click to when empty (does that really happen, or is that just what TV uses to tell me it’s empty?  I’m not incredibly gun-knowledgeable). 
  • Included are three hyper detailed Frank Castle heads, one normal but pist-off looking one, one where he’s meant to look like he took a few punches, and another where he’s outright raging mad…let’s call that shooty face. Each head / face looks shockingly life-like, less like it was based on a comic book character, more like someone took a picture of a person, scanned it into a computer and made that the head.  
  • This being an exclusive variant of The Punisher, his chest armor is black instead of white.  This leads the overall feeling of the figure to be darker, grittier, and I love it.  
  • Chest armor and belt are removable.
  • Sometimes The Punisher has to roll his sleeves up and get dirty.  Not a problem here, just push his sleeves up to increase bad-ass level to 11.  
  • Articulation on this figure has me drooling for when we get Spider-Man.  There isn’t much in the way of posing he can’t achieve, you can basically move him any which way at every joint up through crunching him comfortably into a tiny ball.  
  • The Punisher includes good quality cloth clothing and very nicely detailed boots and gloves.
  • Included, but not used in our photo shoot, the Punisher comes with a flight stand.  This will facilitate all sorts of kick in the door, dive in the room sort of action shots.  


The Bad

  • I’m in love with this figure, but it’s not without it’s flaw (no “s”).  Anyone who comes round here knows that I’m a little greedy, and knows that I value something kinda ridiculous above a lot else.  One of my favorite action figure features, is that if you give a figure accessories, that they have a place to stow, store or hold them.  The One:12 Collective Punisher comes with “lots of guns” and bullet clips, and has naught but two hands and a blade holster for his knife.  Who knows what it would have done to the cost, but The Punisher has a ton of pouches on his removable belt, if they were all hollowed out and open / closable, there’d be a place at least for all the additional clips, throw in a pistol holder, maybe a strap on the rifle or grenade launcher, and you’ve got storage for each weapon.  For me that would take this figure, that is already astonishing, and make it literally freaking perfect.


The rest

I think I’ve said this every time I’ve taken a look at a One:12 figure.  This is some next level stuff.  What One:12 is doing with action figures is Legendary.  I don’t know that there is anything else out there in this scale offering this level of detail, this articulation, quite Frank-ly (haaa), this passion towards the characters that they are bringing to bare.  Mezco leaves very little to be desired with any figure I’ve seen in this line so far (if anything at all).  The Punisher will join my Shadowlands Daredevil and Classic Cap on my filing cabinet next to my desk at work, where co-workers will frequently stop and say “Damn, that’s cool”.  2017 and 2018 gives us an incredible amount to look forward to from Mezco in the One:12 line, tons of great Marvel characters including Deadpool, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Wolverine, and fantastic DC heroes, Superman, Darkseid, The Flash, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Shazam, Batman too!  I’m really excited to be able to share reviews with you for at least a few of the above mentioned, but seriously, wallets gon’ be hurtin’ this year!


This particular version of the Punisher is highly exclusive, distributed only to attendees of their 2017 Pre-Toy Fair event in New York.  You’ll have to find someone who scandalously wants to sell theirs on the secondary market to get hands on this all black Punisher.  You have other options though.  The standard issue Punisher from Mezco (white chest skull armor) is on sale now where you buy figures, places like, Big Bad Toy Store for $80!  You can also pre-order the Deluxe Punisher PX Previews Exclusive  (included red chest armor, harness, and lots more guns and alternate accessories) from Big Bad Toy Store for $130.

The Pictures


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