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MUReview went down to the McFarlane booth at Toy Fair this year, and we met one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable folks that McFarlane or any company could have offered, Christopher H.  Incredible energy, incredible depth of knowledge about his products.  It was really cool to be able to talk to someone on this level about the great stuff McFarlane had to offer.  That’s why you are here, right?  You want to hear about what McFarlane had to offer?  You are right to want to hear about it, because it was all good, and you’ll want it all.  

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Anime  | Border Lands 2 | Destiny | Gears of War | Labyrinth | Mass Effect | Titan Fall 2 | Spawn | The Walking Dead | Construction Sets (so many awesome construction sets!) | NFL

Construction Sets  The most exciting part of our tour was undoubtedly the Construction Sets section. McFarlane will feature sets from some incredible licenses this year, more Five Nights at Freddies, Steven Universe, SOUTH PARK!! THE FRACTURED BUT WHOLE!!  Featuring incredible build mechanics, detailed figures, all at an affordable price point, keep your eyes out for these to hit shelves soon.

Anime  McFarlane brings their special brand of figure art to Naruto and One Punch Man.  Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Ttian too!

Borderlands 2 Borderlands has an incredible cult following and these figures will make fans of the game, and casual fans alike, collectors!


Destiny  You can’t take three steps without running into a gamer that loves Destiny.  McFarlane will be bringing us a figure for each class…and look at that gun!

Gears of War


Mass Effect  Not sure if you heard, but Mass Effect gets a new game this year.  …This year!  Sam Sheppard won’t be making an appearance, but McFarlane will be giving the business to some of the main characters.

Titan Fall 2

Spawn  We’re at McFarlane, gotta have Spawn.  Another year, more chains.  These are always stunning figures and display pieces.

The Walking Dead  It’s the year of Negan.  Check out that stunning display piece.  Carl gets an action figure, Glenn gets an action figure! Negan gets an action figure!  Lucille…she’s a bat, but you can buy her too, now with more bloody!

NFL  NFL figures are what drew me into McFarlane so long ago.  They were my first “adult” collection.  I had every figure, including chase variants up through, I think series 14.  Since I sold my original collection for storage space and financial reasons, McFarlane has made me pay in regret with year after year of astonishing figure.  I’ve kept my Giants, and last year, added Odell Beckham to the bunch.  This year, we get some more really beautiful figures, and McFarlane is going to go with the solid colored uniforms to boot! (Neon Green Seahawks!)





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