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Hasbro held their annual Toy Fair Press event last year.  We live blogged it, not sure if you heard, kind of a big deal (mostly for me because I learned how to exist in these future times).  At any rate, Hasbro has released an onslaught of incredible press images of everything they showed off at the show, and while we are still editing our pictures and making them nice for you, please have a look at this copious and comprehensive set of images showcasing pretty much everything on shelves and in the presentation yesterday.

Marvel Legends 3.75

All of these reveals are notable and awesome.  

  • A Sinister Six Six Pack, Amazon Exclusive!  All on vintage (I’m so old…) cardbacks!
    • Doc Ock, Vulture, Spidey, Kraven, Electro, Sandman, Mysterio
  • Hyper articulated Spidey in a two-pack with a modern Shocker!!
  • A brand spankin’ new Guardians of the Galaxy team pack with new deco’s and a pretty heavily redone Drax!
  • Stay tuned for our booth photos coming hopefully tonight!


Marvel Legends 6

Legends 6 inch gets a literal ton of love!

  • Vulture
  • BAF Wings for Vulture with 12+ points of articulation ( I think they said 22)
  • Tombstone
  • Jane Foster Thor
  • Homecoming Spidey
  • Homecoming Spidey with home-made costume.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man and Vulture 2-pack
  • Iron Man and Spidey 2-pack
  • Punisher
  • Jessica Jones
  • Sue Storm (Walgreens), gets a brother exclusive in Johnny Storm, Human Torch
  • Moon Knight is confirmed and incredible
  • Entertainment Earth 2-pack, Ego! and Star-Lord
  • Elektra
  • Nebula
  • Gamora
  • Ex Nihilo
  • Adam Warlock
  • Beetle
  • Cosmic Spider-Man
  • Deaths Head II
  • Rocket Raccoon with little Groot
  • Groot, little Groot, baby Groot
  • Long coat Star-Lord
  • Mantis!
  • A-Force Boxed Set!
  • Daredevil


We also get some other great items including Role Play featuring a lights and sounds / bluetooth Star-Lord helmet and a Thor Hammer.  Walmart is getting a youngling Groot too!

You thought I was done??


Legends 12″

Symbiote Spidey, Hulk, Thor, join Deadpool in 2017!

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