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Hasbro invited MUReview down to their show room and brand event during Toy Fair 2017.  It was a beautiful day, and we got to see a ton of beautiful toys.  Transformers, Star Wars, games, Nerf, Trolls, brand after brand of amazing toys.  Here though…here, we are going to talk about one thing.  Marvel Legends.  …3 things.  Marvel Legends 3.75″, Marvel Legends 6″ and Marvel Legends 12 inch.  …and Marvel Legends Role Play… 4 things.  All other epic Hasbro happenings will be found in additional posts, so check back to our main Toy Fair post often for updates!  Now…on with the show!  Oh, before we go, for a less visual but more factual take on coverage, check out our live blog from the event here!

Marvel Legends 3.75

3.75″ Did not disappoint at this years Hasbro event.  We saw Hydra Cap, Jewel, AoA Magneto…my absolute favorite though, Spider-Man 2099!! The incredible figure unleashed as part of Marvel Legends 6″ Spider-Man Wave 1 2017 got made littler and we all win!  Let’s check out the pics!...and check out pro-shots here.



Marvel Legends 6

Marvel Legends 6″ will scream through 2017.  So many great reveals at this show.  A full Defenders lineup, A-Force, a ton of Spider-Man homecoming love.  Moon Knight!  We got to see the next wave of Guardians.  Ego Kurt Russel gets his own, albeit not at all planet-sized figure.  It was …dazzling (see what I did there?).  Pro-shots, again, can be found here.  My way less than pro-shots, but way more educational shots are below.


Marvel Legends 12

Marvel Legends 12″ gets 4 new figures this year.  One we saw, two we got announcements on, and one blindsided the heck out of us!  Deadpool, Thor, Hulk, Symbiot suit Spidey!  I’m not gonna link pro-shots again, but they are up above twice, both links go to the same great post.  Now look at these!


Marvel Legends Role Play

Announced this week, and on display at Toy Fair, Marvel Legends Role Play year two!  A bluetooth enabled Star-Lord helmet, and a Mjolnir that responds to your whisper?!?


That’s it for Marvel Legends coverage out of Toy Fair 2017, but it’s not over for Hasbro, we have a ton of great stuff coming from Spider-Man to Star Wars to Transformers, even games!  Stay tuned and check our main Toy Fair post daily!  Link to Toy Fair Mega Post

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