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Factory Entertainment is persistently full of awesome surprises whenever we see them at any show.  They always have a bunch of great licenses and they always do interesting stuff with them.  This year is no different.  They expand their SWAT line to include Harry Potter, they put super hero costumes on plush pets, their wolf pups from Game of Thrones now come in laying down poses, I could go on and on, so I will, but in categories of organized thoughts with pictures.

SWAT (Soft Weapons and Tactics)  SWAT adds new Wonder Woman gear this year (shield, sword), but the thing that delighted us like nothing else at almost all of Toy Fair, Harry Potter SWAT!  Broom, Golden Snitch, Quidditch gear!  

Marvel  Factory has been putting out beautiful mini figures and astonishing statues for Marvel for a little while now.  Acquaint yourselves!  Potted Groot, Vision statue, and check out that rotating Hawkeye statue, Antman is riding the tip of his arrow.!

DC   Just like with Marvel, Factory has been giving incredible treatment to the iconic characters of DC, statues, mini figures, and my goodness, look at that Bat Cave playset!!  Wonder Woman joins the fray big-time this year too.  Not yet licencor approved, but the Greek goddess style statue is incredible.


Stix Canes with Marvel and DC toppers?  Yes please!  A Cane and Topper together will set you back less than $100.  The canes are unbelievable quality, the toppers are beautiful.  It makes me wish I had to walk with a limp…


Movies  Ghostbusters, Nightmare on Elmstreet and so much more get the Factory Treatment in 2017!

PawzPlay  Folks are excited, and with good reason, because Factory has combined adorable cats and dogs (plush) with cosplay!  PawzPlay!  Get it?!  Results = adorable!


Game of Thrones Factory Entertainment has done an exceptional job with the Game of Thrones license.  The Dire Wolf pups will get new poses this year,  we got some incredible set pieces, the Wall, Kings Landing, Joffrey’s crown, and coming soon will be Robert’s!









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