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I mentioned in a previous post about being pretty lucky at Toy Fair to share the experience with great people.  Our Diamond Select Toys walk through fit that bill perfectly.  We had a great booth tour given by long time friend of MUReview and litlgeeks, Zach Oat.  Zach brings passion and knowledge to the Diamond Select Roadshow that is impressive and rarely met elsewere.  This was another booth walk through that I had the honor of sharing with our friends at Brian…and I already told you how awesome he is, so I won’t do that again here.  We were invited into the house of Diamond Select, and like hungry vampires, we sucked up all the info and pictures we could get, and now, I’m pretty psyched to share them with you.  

You can click the toy line / license below to jump to the page section, and if you want to come back up to the menu, there is a back to top button on the right of the page (it’s an up arrow).  Enjoy!  Also, for pricing and release information, please check out all the details in the Diamond Select Toys Toy Fair Preview Post here.


Marvel Select Marvel Select just gets better every year.  This year, stunning offerings include the Guardians of the Galaxy lineup, Lady Deadpool, Daredevil, Spider-Gwen, Homecoming Spidey! so much here to love!


Marvel Minimates Marvel Minimates is growing into some Netflix action with Iron Fist!  We also got a look at some Spider-Man Homecoming Minimates, Wolverine Minimates, Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates, and, AND!! Luke Cage!


Marvel PVC Statues This line is mind blowing.  An already exceptional library of characters crafted from PVC, highly detailed, high quality, and an amazing price, most under $50.  This year, we get Guardians of the Galaxy from the upcoming movie, we get Ironheart, Black Panther, Sam Wilson, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Elektra, Punisher from Marvel Netflix!  The hits keep on coming!


Marvel Premium Statues This line is the stuff of my nightmares if I’m being honest.  High quality, beautiful statues, large in size, and reasonable in price?  It’s that last part that gets me.  Thanos is going to hit at around $150 of our American dollars, and he’s must have…so is that Thor, and the rest of the line.  In my nightmares, I am poor!  These statues are Marvelous!


Marvel Retro Coming out in this throw back line, Daredevil!  With Pirate Costume! Headpool!  Ultimate costume!  Punisher!  Buy these!


DC Vinimates Giving hope to the hopeless, Diamond Select offers iconic DC characters under their Vinimates umbrella.  Fans wanting DC Minimates, get these instead, they are stunning!


DC Statues and Busts Busts, statues, a Bat Phone?!   


Gotham Select  The Gotham select line carries on  with series 4 bringing some fantastic characters like Azrael and Mr. Freeze!


Pirates of the Caribbean Minimates From the upcoming movie, the Pirates of the Caribbean are back!


Vinimates The Vinimates line continues to grow with awesome licensed figures, Back To The Future, Ghostbusters, Watchmen, Caddyshack!  Beetlejuice!  Gang’s all there!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimates The TMNT Minimates line takes a trip back in time and they will showcase the original TV Turtles from the 80’s cartoon!  Look at those colors! That shine!


Ghostbusters Some more Ghostbusters coming our way this year, the big news, Vigo and Dr. Janosz Poha!  Build a set pieces included!  What will they form…what is that in the background of the pictures?


Movie Minimates  Movie Minimates add some great ones this year, Iron Giant, Watchmen and more!


Nightmare Before Christmas  Nightmare Before Christmas continues to be supported across all phases of DST, Minimates, Selects, Vinimates!


Muppets The Muppets Select series hops into big numbers 3 and 4!  Piggy, Rowlf, Rizzo, Swedish Chef, we heart this line!


Pulp Fiction I know so many people that are going to lose it when they get their hands on Marcellus Wallace…because you know what he looks like, right?


Back To The future Astonishing detail in this Delorian for 2017!

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