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There are really good people in this world, and then there are people that are just better than that.  Today at Toy Fair, I had the good fortune to be surrounded by two people that are way better than good, two times actually, and almost consecutively.  This specific time though, it was Brian from and Kevin Kiniry from DC Collectibles.  Now, I consider myself to be a pretty big comic book junkie, I have a solid base of knowledge.  Standing next to these two though, I’m basically at coloring book level and they are Ivy League.  Listening to the two of them talk about things I have never heard of, names I’ve never heard, it really was awe inspiring, but I digress, they are good people besides their wealth of comic knowledge, that’s just icing.  I shared an appointment with Brian who is a long time friend of MUReview, and we were guided by Kevin who is basically just a super hero without a cape (sometimes he probably wears a cape).  Kevin showed us both through the unreal offerings at DC Collectibles.  If you’ve read this site, you may know that I am head over heels for the DC Icons line.  Well, what was showed, granted, you’ve already seen tons of pro-shots, was jaw dropping in person, and complimented by so much other great DC fun stuff that well…justlookitthefudginpictures!  

I like what I did on a few Toy Fair posts now.  You’ll see a list of toy lines, you can click any item in the list and it will jump you down to the right section of the page.  If you wanna get back up to the list, click the up arrow on the right of the page.  It’s all kindsa fancy for 2017, you dig?  


DC Icons For the past two years, DC Icons is the reason we went to Toy Fair.  We did a bunch of other stuff, saw a ton of amazing things, but this line has really been a game changer for us here at MUReview.  This year, we were shown things that did not disappoint us.  Icons things.  Supergirl is astonishing.  The Doomsday / Superman two pack is unbearably cool.  As Kevin described the pack, it captures an Iconic moment, and it’s something they aim to continue doing.  I cannot wait for what the future holds for this line….ferreals.


DC Movie Statues Our first stop in the DC Collectibles show room as the DC Movie section.  Jaw dropping.  The Wonder Woman riding her horse is beautiful.  


DC TV DC TV is unstoppable at this point, Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow.  DC Collectibles is sitting at the table of awesome with a full line of figures to support.  Also, a Melissa Benoist statue!  WIN WIN WIN.


Wonder Woman’s 75th Anniversary  If Kevin in a Wonder Woman tiara doesn’t make you smile, you are probably dead inside.  That’s mean, but it’s true, sorry not sorry.  Wonder Woman is 75 this year and she is glorious.  DC Collectibles has a great line of statues from a bunch of her phases of her career, and a wrist band / tiara / lasso set glee-worthy enough to make anyone drool.


DC Bat Signal  Folks, it’s a bat signal, with interchangeable bat pieces….just look.



DC Batman The Animated Series Batman TAS is well represented.  We get a rogues gallery with commissioner prison box set.  The side flips up to show the rogues in jail, and the front flips out to show the commissioner in her precinct.  We get Batman and Joker with dozens of accessories, alt cape, alt faces.  And maybe, if we are good and buy them, we will get a Harley to boot?  It’s a good year to be a TAS fan.  Oh hey wait, also, there is a freakin’ Bat Computer / Bat Cave Play set.  Includes base, bat computer, Alfred, tea set…come on?!?!?!



DC Black and White Series The Black and White series figures are astonishing.  The statue by Kim Jung Gi is all out of his own head, and he’s on roller skates.  The statue from Jonathan Matthews, also out of his own head… lookitthefreakincape!  Also, just some other stuff in the line, Harley in black and white with read 3 times, and just beautiful, and this no name character, a throw in, Nightwing, no big deal, he’s just also fudin’ amazing!


DC Bombshells People absolutely love the Bombshells line.  It’s not my thing, I’m being honest, sorry about that.  The figures and statues are beautiful though.


DC Bookends What if Joker and Harley captured Batman, there was a bomb, and it was all split in half to hold up your books?


DC Covergirls Statues Zatanna and Death, what more do you need?


DC Comics Super Pets Plush  I’m not sure what world you live in, but in the world I live in, I never thought I’d get a Plush version of Whatzit.


DC Designer Statues Just absolutely beautiful statues, Superman, Joker, Aquaman and Mera in a romantic pose?!  Where do I sign up!


Harley’s Holiday  What if Harley went on a vacation and also had a magnetic hat?  What if….


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