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Dark Horse makes comics, but they make some mean toys too.  They have thrown their full weight behind some exceptional Game of Thrones pieces, they are also supporting some of the video game industry’s strongest titles, like The Witcher, Zelda, Mass Effect, and Halo.  Their booth is persistently one to not miss at Toy Fair, so we didn’t and we are psyched to be able to share it with you!

Game of Thrones | The Witcher | Halo | Zelda

Game of Thrones  Check out the Hodor Door Stop.  Just…just freaking look.  It is all the things you’ve ever wanted.  If it wasn’t, you can also grab an incredible Jon Snow bust, beautiful figures, magnets, and a Three-Eyed Raven Snow Globe!

The Witcher  Dark Horse is touching all of the beautiful main characters right up through the most recent expansion.  The highlight for me is the bust, who has an exceptional level of detail present on his playing cards…let that sink in.

Halo  Halo vehicles abound here, they are all stunning, the bigger the get, the more they cost, but they are worth every dime.

Zelda  This beautiful Zelda statue will come out this year to show support for the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.  I can’t wait for the game, I can’t wait for the statue.

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