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MUReview was lucky enough to get our first ever walk through of the Bluefin booth from our friend Jared.  While we’ve looked on in awe for many years, Jared brought us up close and personal to all the fine wares that Bluefin has to offer, and they are fine.  Thank you Bluefin for the walk through, thank you for the chance to see and hear about all of the incredible stuff you have coming out in 2017 and beyond….and also…Iron Mans for days!!!

Marvel | DC | Star Wars | Movies | Games | Anime | Sports | Transformers

Marvel  Bluefin puts the Marvel collectible world on notice with a full size, hyper-detailed Doctor Strange.   If you’ve got $10,000, yer in!  Their Iron Man collectibles are stunning, metal, lights, pose-able, beautiful.  We also get samurai editions of Spidey and Iron Man.  You’ll want for nothing here.

DC  Batman, Joker, Harley, more Joker, more Batman, so many accessories!!

Star Wars  Some of the nicest model kits for Star Wars I’ve ever seen are from Bluefin.  Don’t forget samurai figures, and R2-D2 and C-3PO are great compliments to one another, or, so I’ve been told.

Movies  Tyler Durden, Bruce Lee, Fight Club anyone?!

Games  The Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat game here is strong.  Reptile folks…Reptile.

Anime  I want to say I don’t know much about Anime, but Voltron, Power Rangers, Gundam, I know plenty about the first two, and enough about the later to make Bluefin a very dangerous place for my wallet to know about.  Add Dragon Ball fun to the mix and you can’t lose here.

Sports  Wrestlers, boxers, Mike Tyson, Hulk Hogan, beautiful sculpts, incredible details.  Must own!

Transformers  Autobot Drift folks, he can’t transform, but if looks could kill, you’d be DEAD!


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