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The wonderful folks at Bif Bang Pow! graciously invited MUReview down to their booth at Toy Fair to show us all of their awesome stuff.  We very much enjoyed, and were incredibly thankful for the water…because we very…I very much needed it!

Everything you see below is up for order, head on over to Entertainment Earth to check it out! 

Pin Mates | Tiki Tiki and Push Puppets | Kiss | Twilight Zone | Star Trek | Twin Peaks | Nesting Dolls | Chair Capes

Pin Mates  Pin Mates are an incredible throw-back to the toys of yester-year.  Simple, but incredibly well designed, and artistically mesmerizing, these little finger puppet sized figures pack a big, high gloss punch.  Bif Bang Pow! has done an excellent job of packing a ton of great detail and flash into each Pin Mate.  Mates feature licenses from quite a few great lines, Marvel, DC, Star Trek.  This year, the line will grow and grow, each Mate is numbered, and vehicles too!


Tiki Tiki and Push Puppets  Tiki Tiki, stackable Marvel themed awesomeness.  Push Puppets, another awesome throw-back.  Push Puppets featuring Marvel and DC Heroes are sure to delight.


Kiss  BBP is doing some incredible things with Kiss, this go round, the figure line gets some beautiful single-carded love.  Check out the Cat, the Demon, the Star Child and the Space Ace!!


Twilight Zone  Twilight Zone figures from some of the most well known, and some of the more obscure episodes of the show.  Willie (the Dummy) is articulated!

Star Trek  Star Trek bobble heads featuring some of your favorite captains and some of your favorite crew.  Kilngons also available!

Twin Peaks  Fans of this cult phenomenon will be delighted to see Twin Peaks merchandise return to shelves.  Cards, a journal (won’t spoil the surprise that’s on every page), lunch boxes featuring iconic locations from the show!

Nesting Dolls  DC Nesting dolls featuring Heroines of DC Comics and Rogues!  

Chair Capes  Because, why shouldn’t your chair be as super as you are?  The patent for these awesome chair-cessories was granted this year, so expect the line to blow up!





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