Wicked Cool was our very first stop on the Toy Fair 2016 trail.  We were greeted with smiling faces early in the morning and shown so much great stuff that would set the tone for an amazing Toy Fair 2016!  Wicked Cool has so many great properties, let’s check em out!


Blaze gets lots of plush love in 2016 from Wicked Cool!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pizza Oven

Turtles like pizza…why not use a Turtle oven to make pizza?  You can buy ingredients kits and kids can safely make delicious pizzas!


Wild Kratts

Any parent of a kid between 2 and 8 knows whot he Wild Kratts are.  Wicked Cool is doing a great job of making incredible Kratts toys including power suits!


Master Chef Junior

A full line of functional cookware for kids! Amazon will be selling these great tools for kids this year with more retailers coming on board later.


Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab

With a 2017 release on PBS, these toys will let kids try some of Thomas Edison’s most famous experiments.


XTreme Cycle

This amazing little motor bike can right itself from any position and one model comes with a POV helmet cam!

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