Kassandra from Tech 4 Kids took us on an awesome tour of their 2016 Toy Fair booth and showed us so much great stuff for kids to play with and create with!   Let’s see what they have in store for 2016!

ImagiPen (19.99)

The ImagiPen by Tech 4 Kids allows kids to safely draw 3D creations into reality using UV light to harden gel.  The pen is available in Spring of 2016.


Fright Factory

The Fright Factory builds on Tech 4 Kids great 3D Maker 2015 toy by allowing kids to create awesome monsters and monster accessories.  This will be available for $29.99 in the Fall of 2016.


Tech 4 Kids is also going to continue bringing great Fashems, and Micro Lites to market with all sorts of great licenses, so keep your eyes out at the store for more fun!


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