Super Impulse was one of the most awesome surprises of the show for MUReview!  With their new Precision RBS rubber band gun system, it’s sure to spark brother warfare and office tactics.

Precision RBS This fantastic play system for firing rubber bands is accurate like nothing we have seen out of a “toy” before.  It fires a good distance, it fires rubber bands, so your ammo is limited only by a trip to the dollar store, and, it’s at least semi-automatic.  You can load up a ton of bands and keep firing for a good chunk of time.  The fun to be had here is endless!  The gun is coming to market this year in a few different sizes, hand gun (Talo 15.99), a mini rifle that splits into 2 guns (Chiron 19.99) and a nice long rifle with a ton of firing options (Hyperion 24.99).  Those prices…that makes a full scale office war affordable!


Worlds Smallest Toys It’s what you think it is.  All the great toys you remember from your child hood, but really small, a Rubiks cube, a vacuum, my first telephone, they are all there, they are all tiny!


3D Motokit These awesome 3D movable puzzles are sure to keep kids and adults busy for hours!


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