Spin Master is a brand that came up on our radar because of their fantastic Paw Patrol toy line.  The kids loved it, so we love them.  In return, do you know what Spin Master did?  They EXPLODED in size and scope!  They took us through their Toy Fair booth this year, and sweet holy moley, the amount of great new products that Spin Master will be bringing to toy shelves in 2016 is staggering.

Now, for the most part, for coverage, I have walked readers through booths the way we have been taken through booths.  However, here, with Spin Master, we have, for us, the coolest thing we saw at the show, and we are going to lead with that, because it’d be criminal not to.


Spin Master showed off the single most impressive item we saw at Toy Fair.  BB-8.  The promise on this “actual size” astro-droid is that he will have lights, sounds, he will be remote control, but also interactive and behave in an auto follow / react to the user mode.  What we saw was jaw dropping.  Spin Master has gone to great lengths to capture the mannerisms of the Force Awakens favorite and it shows.  We weren’t able to take video, so you will have to take our word for it, but the size of BB-8, the interactivity, and even more, the price point, $179.99 and coming this fall?  Start socking away pennies folks.  This is likely to be the break down the door, must have, toy of holiday 2016.


Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol has gone off leash to become a runaway hit for the little folks.  Each pup has great personality and the episodes are very well written.  Because of this, at least as it seems, the toy line has also taken off astronomically.  Spin Master has taken care with each character and vehicle to make true representations to scale for tiny little people to play with and love.  Their plastic toy line is expanding this year with train / roadway sets that can be linked together.  Their main line will now include a Jungle Playset with new pup Tracker.  The Air Patroller, which is the HQ for the Air Patrol pups looks to feature, at long last, RoboDog!  Add to all of this, more plush, more vehicles, more playsets, this is everything that parents of kids who love Paw Patrol have wanted to get in their hands to encourage fun, safe, creative play!  Oh hey, I almost forgot!  Paw Patrol gets it’s own Marshall Zoomer!! Marshall is a little simpler for kids, than the normal function of Zoomer, but can certainly hold any childs attention for hours.  Loaded with games, responsive to a ton of commands, and ready to rescue, Marshall Zoomer is going to be another holiday season must have!



The Meccano toy line expands in 2016 to include additional characters that walk on their own and interact with each other.  Meccano proper is also being enhanced with faster processing, more ram and a dinosaur cousin!  Sets take a few hours to build and will entertain and delight forever.  Not to mention, Meccano’s most innovative feature, teaching users the value and means of programming, literal actual programming!


Creative Play

The folks at Spin Master are not sitting on their “best play sand ever” laurels.  They are innovating and bringing to you, some of the craziest creative play you have ever seen.  Kinetic Sand continues to improve in quality, texture and use-ability.  We are also going to see a beach sand variation on Kinect Sand that holds together even better!  In addition to sand, Kinetic is going to bring you Kinetic Foam.  The foam holds shape, never dries out, and can be turned into some truly inspiring and creative art!  Bunchems will continue their upward trend in 2016 featuring all new motorized and glow in the dark Bunchems.  Spin Master is now in charge of the Etch-A-Sketch license and in 2016 will work to advance the brand and do it proud.  Bendaroos is another new art creation property coming out from Spin Master.  Take little strips of plastic material, bend em, mash em together, build almost anything!  No glue, no mess!  Check this out too, Build A Bear Take home kits…I’ll just leave that there and let that sink in.  Add to all of this, the great Aquadoodle line and there is nothing your child can’t create with Spin Master.



Sorry folks, no pictures here, but Hatchimals are going to turn heads in 2016.  You buy a toy that is in an egg.  You activate it.  You bond with it.  Within about a half hour, it starts to hatch.  From there your journey begins.  The Hatchimal interacts with you, learns you and reacts to you.  It will become more mature and learn, you work to nurture it and help it grow!  Not physically, but in all other ways.  If you don’t like the way your parenting is going, there is a reset button, but you can’t get it back inside the egg.


The Secret Life of Pets

Spin Master owns licensing rights to the Secret Life of Pets and I can’t wait for the toys as much as I can’t wait for the movie.  Scale action figures as you’d expect, but also innovative and interesting play patterns come through in the different sizes and variations, the pinnacle of which is the interactive Best Friend Max.  This pup can walk on leash, play off leash, snuggle up for a head scratch and belly rub, or just hang with you on the curb.  Being a dog owner, I can’t call this a dog replacement, but he’s adorable and darn close!



The Zoomer brand has grown and advanced every year since it’s introduction and this year is not any different.  Zoomer introduced the Paw Patrol Marshall, but also two brand new entries in the line, Meowzies (colorful Zoomer cats), Hedgies (hedghogs!) and the Zoomer Chimp.  Watching the demo (below) was staggering, the function they packed into this little guy.  He can roll around perfectly balanced on his own two feet!  Watch the demo, it’s amazing!  He’s a chimp!


Air Hogs

Air Hogs continues to fly high in 2016 with amazing vehicles that serve double duty.  You can pick up a land vehicle that will work in water and an air vehicle that you can customize for better performance on the ground!  You can also pick up an app connected drone and fly through levels in both real life and on your tablet!


Angry Birds and Minecraft

Continuing to serve fans of both Angry Birds and Minecraft, Spin Master will be refreshing their lines this year to include more more more! Check out the images!


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