MUReview is thrilled to be able to bring you great, first person coverage of all things Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at the Playmates booth at Toy Fair 2016.  The Turtles have a ton of exciting things going on in 2016, let’s dive right in!

The Main Turtles Line

Playmates showed off a ton of great new figures in the main Turtle line this year including Armaggon, Karai (human), Turtles with awesome emotional faces, funko art-deco Turtles, Fugitoids ship and so much more, have a look!


Half Shell Heroes

A kid favorite starting last year, the Half Shell Heroes toy line is doing a great job of quickly bringing the very deep catalog of modern Turtle characters to plastic.  This year, they expand their roster with hits like Rahzar, more Blast from the Past characters, more, more, more!  We even get some great new vehicles and play sets!


Talk To Me Mikey

The surprise of the Playmates booth for me!  An adorable little hard plastic Mikey that will talk back to you!  Who doesn’t want a talking Mikey?  Tons of phrases, can tell if he’s on his back, you do you Mikey, you do you!



Playmates enters the projectile market with awesome little Turtle faces on every…turtle!  T-Blasts feature a pull to launch mechanic in favor of a locking trigger mechanism making the T-Blasts a little less gun like and a little more litlgeek friendly!



T-Sprints, the natural evolution of T-Machines were out in full force at Toy Fair featuring dozens of characters and great playsets!



Sold in blind boxes, TMNT Stackables feature your favorite characters that are…well, stackable!  Stack your favorites as high as you want!


Mini Figures

Playmates is taking a dive into the Turtle mini figure world.  Tiny Turtles are all over the toy space, so to see the Turtle toy originators get involved is refreshing.  With endless access to all the characters, it’s a win win here.  Figures are sold in blind bags.


And More!

The Playmates catalog spans the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle world a million times over with a toy for every fan and flavor.  We have Shake Ems, Squeeze Ems, large format figures, transforming figures.  Check out all the great stuff shown at Toy Fair 2016!  Thank you so much Playmates for having and down to the booth and we can’t wait to get hands on all these great toys!

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