NECA made some big waves in 2015 releasing 6/7 inch scale Batman and Superman figures out of the blue, near entirely unannounced (exclusive to Toys R Us, freaking impossible to find).  They look poised to do at least the same in 2016 by going even bigger!  The featured image on this post, a full scale Harley Quinn statue, they took that, shrunk it…not by much, and made her a poseable 2+ foot figure.  The detail is almost identical, except it has plastic hair vs…hair textured hair, but I digress.


Before we get IN to the booth though, all show goers were greeted to some of the most detailed displays ever right at the NECA doorstep.  Walking up we had Slimer, Freddy (from Five Nights at Freddies), an Alien Egg hatched with a Facehugger, Marshmallow Man, Batman and Harley Quinn.  Each display is highly detailed, and I think all but the Marshmallow man are life sized!  I’m also pretty sure that Harley had real hair!

Traveling through the booth we got great looks at all of the out and coming properties from NECA.  You can scroll down to the images below, but a few highlights for me.


Of course NECA is killing it with Heroclix.  This year gets us Captain America Civil War, new Turtles, Batman Vs. Superman and new DC sets, they are not to be missed!


Marvel Pins

We got a nice look at what appeared to be a full line of highly detailed pins featuring all sorts of Marvel characters.


 6 inch figures

NECA is bringing some amazing licenses to the 6 inch (ish) scale!

  • Home Alone
    • Featuring Kevin and the Wet Bandits
  • Ash Vs. Evil Dead
    • Ash and the Demon Eligos are featured. Ash has two outfits, the sculpt and deco on these figures is bananas!
  • Bill and Ted
  • Weird Al


They have a Hulk

From the latest Avengers movie, NECA is bringing the Hulk to giant size scale!


Thank you again to NECA for letting us walk through!  Check out the gallery for images of all of the above and so much more!

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