I’m almost at the end of Toy Fair 2016 coverage at MUReview.net.  Almost at the end, and I’m saving my two favorite stops for last.  This one, and one more.  Mezco has brought Marvel and more DC to their One:12 Collective line…and it sucks that I have to write an article about it because there are legitimately very few words for how gorgeous these figures are.  That’s not to say that I’m not going to give you something to read here, or good pictures to look at.  The good folks at Mezco, Pierre, Drake, they took me into the booth, made me feel like family that they see once or twice a year, loaded me up with catalogs for the kids to look at…though in hindsight, they have some pretty scary stuff at Mezco and that might make me a bad parent, but I digress.  Mezco has some brilliant stuff coming to market in 2016, Mez-its of all different flavors, Hellraiser statues, figures, fuzzy dice, the Chucky line continues, we are finally gonna get a crack at Bugs Bunny, and Gigantor has never looked so good or quite so gigantic.  Thank you to the wonderful folks at Mezco, it’s always great to see you and I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so excited to share with the MUReview audience, the goodies they will have thanks to Mezco in 2016!

One:12 Collective Marvel

There was a ton of buzz coming out from the pre-Toy Fair event that Mezco held in NYC.  An event I always want to go to, but can’t afford to double up on work time off to attend.  I believe we did share some images though, thanks to Your Friendly Neighborhood J-Man at the-newsbox.com.  That was great, but to be able to see them in person for myself, even though they were behind glass, what an incredible treat.  To have the details called out by Pierre who is clearly passionate about this line and these figures, amazing!  As a note, each figure is targeting for a $70-80 price point, so when you look at the pictures in the gallery think “I can actually afford this? I can actually afford this!”.  So, what’s coming.

  • Two flavors of Captain America.  We are talking detail for days here.  Fully clothed, tons of accessories, a MAGNETIC shield! It’ll stick on his wrist or on his back!
  • More than two flavors of the Punisher, but only two on display.  Frank Castle will come in different tons of grungy, grimmey and punishey, with different head looks, hands, and I was advised, that not only will there be tons of weapons, but they will also have a place on the figure, because “what’s the point of an awesome gun you have to put on a shelf next to a figure”, I think was the quote.
  • Daredevil, we get him in red, we get him in red and yellow, we get him in black.  His billy clubs are ripe for smacking punks and he’ll be packed with a stand for endless pose options.


One:12 Collective DC

The One:12 Collective will expand it’s DC lineup and fans will be mighty pleased.  The character lineup has the makings of a Justice League.  These figures as well will look to hit the $70-80 price point and come highly detailed, well clothed and with tons of accessories!  A note to the price point, where figures warrant a higher price, we will likely see higher prices.

  • Shazam is going to come with an additional head, hands, awesome lightening effects.
  • Superman will make his first appearance in One:12.
  • Also joining the ranks of One:12, Flash, Reverse Flash and Arrow (New 52 Deco).
  • Dawn of Justice figures are also included in this swath of DC goodness.  Superman, Batman and Armored Batman!
  • Armored Batman will have electronic light up effects!  Expect him to go for a little bit more money.
  • Speaking of Batman and more money…a One:12 Collective Dawn of Justice Bat Mobile!  Lights, sounds, fits figures, wheels spin, it is in fact, JAW DROPPING!


One:12 Collective Hanna Barbera

Front and center in the Mezco booth was a One:12 scale figure of Space Ghost with Blip the Monkey.  Allow me to repeat.  Front and center in the Mezco booth was a One:12 scale figure of Space Ghost with Blip the Monkey.  Not only is this must have, but it ushers in the following awesome news.  Mezco can make just about any Hanna Barbera character they want!


One:12 Collective Star Trek

Fans of Star Trek should already own the One:12 Collective Spock figure.  I do now…thank you Mezco!  It’s unreal the level of detail and care that goes into these figures, down to the phaser!  Joining Spock in 2016 will be Kirk and Sulu.  We will get them with belt pouches, phasers, communicators, Kirk will even have a phaser rifle!  Pre-orders are open here.



Gigantor is 2 feet tall and HEAVY.  Sure to cause a shipping cost nightmare, but worth every penny, you want Gigantor in blue, bam, got him, grey? No problem.  He’s articulated, he’s huge, he’s got ratcheting joints.  This is a figure that screams to not only fans, but folks who want something to put in there house that is going to make someone ask “can I lift it?” (the answer is always no).



Beetlejuice will be getting some stylized Mez-its, 8 inch plush…you want more Beetlejuice…wait for the sequel.


DC Mez-its

The Tim Burton brand of Batman is going to get some Mez-itz love with a Batman 3-pack (Bats, Penguin and Cat Woman) and a Bat Mobile.  Suicide Squad (5-pack) and Batman Vs. Superman (3-pack) will also make it to the Mez-its format.


Mortal Kombat

Speaking of Mez-its, be on the lookout for a Mortal Kombat 3-pack this summer featuring Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Raiden.



Mezco has been putting out great Thundercats product for a while now.  This year, the only add to the line is a Snarf plush.  Snarf is awesome.  The plush is awesome.  I guess this is good that I can say this though…the only disappointing thing I heard in the Mezco booth during Toy Fair, was that Snarf doesn’t talk.


Mezco Horror

Mezco has a lot of great stuff going on in the world of horror properties, Hellraiser, Chucky, Annabelle and their long LONG standing line of Living Dead Dolls.  We see fresh products against each property, my favorite of which, I think is the Hellraiser Lemarchand’s box fuzzy dice and plush.






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