It’s a little crazy that this is the first time MUReview has been around to the McFarlane booth at Toy Fair “officially”.  We’ve gone through in years past, brought you some photos, loved all the toys, but we never got the walk through treatment.  This year, I’m thrilled that we did because there is so much great stuff to show you and talk about.  The fine folks at McFarlane were so nice to us, gave us so much great info, and even some toys to build and share!  Thanks so much to McFarlane and Courtney for taking the time to walk us through, 2016 is going to be a fantastic year for McFarlane.  A little celebrity fun to note.  Todd McFarlane…he’s kind of a big deal, has the same last name as the name of the to…ohhhhhh McFarlane!   He was walking around the booth and taking to some folks on video…but he was totally right next to me!  That’s excitement!

Five Nights at Freddy’s

McFarlane is bring out a ton of construction sets featuring the red hot Five Nights at Freddy’s brand.  Sets will include a 300 piece show stage kit including Freddy and two friends as a $29.99 Walmart exclusive.  The Pirate Cove / Office set will be a 100 piece Walmart exclusive at $12.99.  You can pick up a backstage set for $19.99, but only at Walgreens.  All sets, as well as blind bags are coming in the Fall of 2016.



McFarlane introduced us to a brand new collector packaging scheme, first with their Naruto setup.  Boxes will be colored, logo’d and numbered, all in the same way, across licenses.  This should serve to make finding your favorites in store a little easier.  The color of the top of the box will indicate the wave, icons will indicate the category, and of course numbers are in wave.  This scheme will apply across all 7inch figures with few exceptions.  Naruto’s own 7 inch will feature 12-15 points of articulation and retail for $17.


Assassin’s Creed

McFarlane showed off some stunning figures of Michael Fassbenders character in the upcoming film, however, no photos were allowed.  We were also treated to a peek at some of the role play items to support the film.  Trust when I tell you, you are going to want them, badly.  That said, pictured below are AC products that are either at or near shelves, but are nowhere near as top secret as the movie products, so ogle on.


Titanfall 2

Another no photos property displayed behind the curtain at McFarlane, Titanfall 2.  Shown was a full size mech with pilot that fits, as well as a figure of one of the main characters from the upcoming game (Jack).


Gears of War 4

Fun little game, you may have heard of it, coming in 2016, supported by the incredibly detailed artists at McFarlane and their beautiful toy line.  The first figure is JD and he’ll be in the new McFarlane 7 inch packaging on shelves this year.


The Walking Dead

The full thunder of McFarlane is blasting through the sky of The Walking Dead.  Their lines are getting to a point where there is no stone unturned in either the comic or TV universe and fans should be rejoicing.  On display we saw a comic set of 5 figures (no photos), each character comes with a zombie head on a stick and an alternate zombie head for Shane.  These figures will hit 22 points of articulation and retail for $15.99.  That’s what we can’t show you.  What we can show you, my goodness.  The Daryl on motorcycle statue is shocking.  You’ll see it pictured unpainted, brilliant.  Add to that a line of Big Head minis, construction kits, 10 inch figures, main line figures, Negan statues, fans of The Walking Dead shall not want!



The new Spawn figure shown is right off of the cover of issue 7.  The series will fall in line with the new collector box scheme…and also it’s amazing.


Attack on Titan / Tokyo Ghoul

Coming to shelves in 2016, in the new collector box style, figures from Attack on Titan and Toyko Ghoul!


Game of Thrones

Though there was nothing new to see for Game of Thrones, the construction kits are jaw dropping, so I took some pictures.



Halo is still gunning on all cylinders and new Spartans are coming out all the time from McFarlane!



My first adult figure love.  McFarlane sports centric figures, for me, it was NFL.  I had all of them, literally.  They are still making them, and honestly, they have never been more beautiful.  I’m gonna have to get hands on that Odell Beckham figure, pretty much like today.


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