Jazwares showed MUReview so much fun stuff at Toy Fair 2016, let’s check it all out!

Peppa Pig Jazwares is taking out all of the stops on the Peppa Pig train in 2016.  The kids are loving Peppa and Jazwares is stepping up to give the kids something to play with, play sets, an interactive Wiggle Giggle Peppa that laughs and snorts, play sets.  Peppa fans rejoice!  Your toys are coming.


Weebles Remember Weebles?  You don’t have to, you can just get awesome new Weebles.  They wobble, but they don’t fall down, not sure if you heard.  The Weebles line will feature modern family character types as well as Chuck, his friends, Marvel characters, Dinosaur Train characters and even Peppa Pig characters!


Chuck and Friends Chuck is a while like truck.  He’s got friends.  He’s got some super friends this year!  Marvel comes to the Chuck lineup and you can find all sorts of great Marvel characters ready to play around with Chuck!


Tube Heroes The biggest stars on YouTube have their own figure line!  Wait..what?  No seriously, and they are very Minecrafty in nature, which makes sense as Jazwares brought out the highly successful Minecraft toy line in 2015.


Check out all the great pictures from the Jazwares booth and wait and salivate like the litlgeeks for when you can buy all the toys!


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