Transformers just keeps getting bigger!  You’ll see what I did there in just a minute.  Taking to the stage at the Hasbro 2016 Toy Fair event were Ben Montano and John Warden.  Please note, all images taken from the show room can be found at the bottom of the post.  We will publish official Hasbro press images as well, stay tuned!  First up….

Titan – Trypticon

Hasbro gave a lot of screen time to the Titan fan vote winner, Trypticon, and with good reason.  This dinosaur shaped behemoth will join the Ttian line as only the second villain!

Robots in Disuguise

The fans in attendance were treated to a teaser for season 2 set to air on 2/20 on Cartoon Network.  Season 2 will feature exciting action, Optimus Prime powered down, teams split, lots of drama! Good fun!

Robots in Disguise figures will see some new additions in the Warrior class with Windblade, Scorponok and Power Surge Optimus Prime.

The line will also see a larger Power Surge Optimus Prime featuring an exclusive minicon which connects to prime to enhance his powers and the play experience.

As a note to Internet rumors, Robots in Disguise, the IDW comic run has NOT been canceled, it returns in fall 2016.

Robots in Disguise gets itself some Platinum with Platinum editions of Bumblebee and Grimlock in Voyager class available exclusively at Entertainment Earth.


Transformers Earth Wars

A nice surprise of the Transformers panel, a brand spankin’ new mobile game featuring city building, defense, and all of your favorite Autobots and Decepticons.  The original voice of Prime and Megatron return for this epic battle and you can pre-register at


Transformers Roll Out

In case anyone wasn’t paying attention, Transformers rocks.  Literally this year, featuring songs from Bush.  Check out Transformers Rocks on iTunes!



Titan Class

Titans return in 2016 and they just keep getting bigger!  And …littler.  Transformers are coming with detachable heads these days, much like in the glory days of my youth (Headmasters!).

This year, Hasbro will bring out Fortress Maximuss with Cerebros…Cerebros has his own detachable transforming head (Emissary), and I’m getting the “I’m 9 again” tingles.  Maximus has multiple modes, battle station, Autbot city where Leader class Transformers can connect.  When transformed into Autobot mode, Maximus will stand over 2 feet tall!  Titan Master heads will work across all other Titan Master figures…yes!!


Leader Class

Leader Class Wave 2 2016 will feature Soundwave.  He can turn into a tape deck or a battlestation!


Deluxe Class

Deluxe Wave 1 will include Hyperfire (head) with Blur (epic Transformer from the movie).  We are also getting more G1 film love with Scurge and Fracas (head).  You can Swoop army build!

Delux Wave 2 has Chromedome with Stylor, Vorath with Mindwipe.


Legends Class

Wave 1 will give us WHEELIE!!!

Wave 2 will give us Rumble with Laserbeak.



We are getting the Armada of Cyclonus…well, Kmart is, we can buy it there.  Scurge, Cyclonus and Sweep!




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