MUReview made our way down to the Factory Entertainment booth at Toy Fair 2016.  Factory Entertainment is showing tons of comic love this year by way of highly detailed, very nice and heavy metal figures featuring DC and Marvel heroes.  Also on the docket from the comic pages for Factory Entertainment, beautiful bust collections of both the Avengers and the Justice League.  Each piece will run around $800 and feature signed art from the original inspiration of the piece, Alex Ross!

Factory Entertainment also brings some other amazing properties to market this year.  Game of Thrones will get a “The Wall” sculpture featuring a little tiny Ghost near the ground level (check the picture!).  Expanding upon their play weapons toy line, Factory Entertainment will be making some great pieces to support the Batman Vs. Superman film.  I highly recommend you buy these weapons and hit someone you love with them.

Check out the gallery for some great images of all the epic toys that Factory Entertainment will graciously allow you to purchase in 2016!





Game of Thrones


Role Play Toys


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