One of the best places to check out at Toy Fair is always the Bluefin booth.  With tons of amazing brands and licenses, they always have some stellar action figures and collectibles on display, this year did not disappoint.

Herocross and Mini Herocross DC

Featuring small and mid-sized adorably designed DC heroes, the Herocross line is a must have for 2016.  The large size figures were show stoppers last year, and this year Bluefin is introducing the mini line which takes all the great art and design of the larger figures, shrinks them down and makes them EVEN more affordable.  These figures are why I stopped in the booth!  You can pre-order the mini line now!


Herocross Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Just like with the DC minis, check out these Turtles, you absolutely must own them!



So many amazing, highly detailed, statues / figures.  Glowing eyes, reactors, so many armors…so little time.



From Tamashi Nations we see some finely detailed, beautifully painted Mazinger and Gundam figures!


Star Wars Egg Attack

It’s amazing when you get to watch a toy line take on a life of it’s own.  The popularity of these little and sometimes cute figures is unquestionable and the characters that are being brought to life are perfect!  Also…see that Millenium Falcon?  It’s floating…freaking floating!



Yeah…that’s Devastator!!


Cubeit Disney

Little, tiny, adorable disney characters in stackable boxes??  Where do I sign up!?!?


Video Games

Featuring amazing licenses like Mario and Mega Man, there is all the things to want here!

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