MUReview stopped by Bandai at Toy Fair for the first time this year and we were really very impressed with the depth of what they have going on in 2016 across their lines, Power Rangers, Banpresto and the full weight of Bandai behind the upcoming show Miraculous featuring a young lady in a ladybug like outfit that is also a super hero, that is animated Toy Story style.  For MUReview though, the reason we went to the booth was unquestionably the Power Rangers, so let’s start there! …but…before we do.  Thanks so much for having us down to the booth Bandai! We had a great time!

Power Rangers

Spanning over 20 years, the Power Rangers are going into 2016 on fire and it’s only going to get brighter as the year goes on and into 2017.  Not sure if you heard, but there is a new Power Rangers movie coming!  There is also a new series coming in 2016, Ninja Steel!  Maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves though, no toys from the movie or new Ninja Steel show were on display, but that doesn’t mean we were wanting for amazing toys to look at.  Before we look at the toys, lets look at the booth a little.  This is one of the first posts about Toy Fair where I’ve featured anything about the booth.  It was just that impressive.  Literally wallpapered in Dino Chargers!


Power Rangers Action Figures

2016 will see the Power Ranger Dino Charge action figure line grow to over 50 5 inch figures.  Villains, Zords, Rangers oh my!  I couldn’t help myself, I just kept shooting.  Not only do we get more 5 inch figures, but check out the 12 inch figures!


Power Rangers Role Play and Zords

The Zord game in 2016 is strong.  New Zords they are a coming and they are a beautifully colored!  Check out new colors on the T-Rex Zords and check out the new deluxe Mega Zord!  Let’s also talk a little bit about my favorite part of the Power Rangers.  Role Play!  I have 2 kids, they both want to be Power Rangers…seems like a healthy career choice, so I encourage it.  This year, we get new blasters with new play mechanics (merge blasters!), we also get new dress up kits.  Gold Ranger kit with mask, wrist crossbow and bandoleer for Dino Chargers! Yes PLEASE!  Now, I tried to ask the question at the booth, but the powers that be had places to be and I wasn’t able to get an answer.  So I’m emailing this question, and putting it here for the universe.  Where is The Keeper action figure?  Where is the Keeper role play gear and Dino Charger holder!!


Power Rangers Legacy

Now, I won’t lie to you and tell you that I can talk the talk when it comes to Legacy Power Rangers.  I lived through the time period, but I had long hair and mostly just went to rock shows.  HOWEVER!  What I can tell you is that the Legacy gear, figures, Zords that are coming to market in 2016 are more than enough to make any collectors ears perk up.  Let’s start with the original Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Communicator.  Replicated perfectly, it plays the Power Rangers jingle and you can swap out band pieces to be any of your favorite color MMPR, this will set you back about $80.  Also coming to play along with the old episodes, Morphers with matching color coins (not pictured)!  If this gear doesn’t have you excited enough, check out the road map to bring ALL of the Power Rangers EVER to your door.  Bandai will begin issue mix and match waves of Rangers from different teams and seasons.  Each will come with a Zord piece from the big Zord of their team or season.  Talk about playing the long game, this could take years.  At the end of the run though, Bandai’s goal is to get you all of your favorite Rangers, all of your favorite Zords, and all of the shelf space in your house!



Running with the theme of not lying to you, I am not going to try to speak to you intelligently about all of the amazing properties Banpresto is bringing to the table, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, these are all way over my head.  But I did take pictures of a bunch of stuff, that if you are into it, you are probably going to want to buy in 2016.


Hatch N’ Heroes

This adorable line features tons of favorite characters that morph from eggs into…themselves really.  Check out Toy Story faves, Big Hero 6 and more!



These amazing model kits featuring great licenses should absolutely not escape your attention.  On display were Halo kits, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle kits and Gundam kits!



A little out of our comfort zone here, but Miraculous is a gorgeously animated show in the style of Toy Story aimed at young Tween+ girls.  The show features a girl who goes super hero while dressed up lady bug like.  There is drama, action and most importantly, toys.  Check out the gallery for action figures and role play gear.  If you’ve got a little girl, or you are a little girl, this seems like it absolutely can’t miss!





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