For those of you living under a rock, or without an Internet connection, I am here to advise that ThinkGeek is amazing.  They bring incredible, fun and innovative original and licensed products to market year over year and have fun doing it.  They share that fun with you with every purchase…and with me…with all of my purchases….I write this post to you from a MacBook Pro taken out of a Dragon Skin Bag of Holding, purchased, you guessed it, exclusively at!  Huge thanks to Steve for the booth walk through and for his patience in me being a scheduling moron.  Would you believe my professional title is Manager of Test Planning?  Sigh…  Let’s take a look at teh funs that ThinkGeek will be issuing in 2015 to keep you occupied in your house, at your desk, even in your car!

Walking Dead

Walking Dead  is on the tip of everyones tongue, and with brand spankin’ new, non-lethal Walking Dead weapons from ThinkGeek, you will be ready for zombie slaying in no time.  Each piece is highly detailed and would definitely make a great cosplay addition to whatever you happen to be sportin’.

  • Michonne’s Samurai with scabbard.
  • Daryl’s Crossbow (with firing sound) …(but not firing)
  • Merle’s knife hand.



As a father of a little guy who is on the cusp of Minecraftyness, I see new Minecraft ThinkGeek products and in tandem, in my minds eye, I see the reduction of my bank account.

  • Minecraft torches. You can hold em, or they angle for wall mounting…and yes, they light up.
  • Minecraft Diamond and Redstone ore cubes.  These also light up.  Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking.  You can light your room just like you can in Minecraft.  Pretty sure that’s what ThinkGeek was goin for here slick.


Star Wars

The amount of people at Toy Fair either talking about, but not showing, or showing, but not allowing photographs for Star Wars episode 7 product is enough to give me a chuckle.  It’s everyone, and everyone is tight lipped.  I guess it’s for the better.  God forbid we find out about the lightsaber musical triangle before it’s time.  I kid, I kid.  ThinkGeek has some awesome Star Wars stuff coming out, and already out.

  • You can go buy now, an R2-D2 USB Car Charger.  It’s 40 bucks, it’s awesome.
  • You can go buy soon, Star Wars table place settings (plate, silverware, placemate, napkin, napkin ring).
  • A Death Star Waffle Maker.  Let that sink in…A Death Star Waffle Maker.  (Coming soon).
  • Everything pictured, you can pretty much go buy today, and you should…so look at the pictures and go buy it all.


Back To The Future

Remember the April Fool’s gag Flux Capacitor that ThinkGeek advertised last April Fool’s day?’s real now, you can go get it.  So do that.  You can use it as a USB charger in your car.


Mega Man

The picture says it all.  You can buy Mega Man’s hand cannon.  It has lights, sounds, it has single shot and charge shot.  I’m a big guy, and my hand fits no problem.  It’s $80 but out of stock.  ThinkGeek is expecting a restock sooner than later.



One of my favorite surprises of the show.  Battlestruct, a modular (play) weapons system that allows you to build, configure, reconfigure weapons to any degree that your heart and wallet desire.  You can buy a starter kit that allows for an epic amount of configurations, and you can also buy individual weapon kits that allow for more and more options!


Games and More

ThinkGeek is giving us some really neat stuff that…for purposes of this post falls in a sort of “other” category. It’s not licensed, it’s not weaponized, but that doesn’t make it any less cool.

  • Brick Boy.  He’s a little boxy looking person thing with arms, legs a giant head, but connect pegs all over him.  You can load him up with Lego pieces for a build on experience that is unparalleled.
  • Along the lines of Brick Boy, with a build on mechanic, remote controlled build system wheels.  Each wheel has it’s own forward / backward control and you can add about as many wheels as you want to a creation for all sorts of fun!
  • The Hover Kraft game we brought to your eyeballs last Toy Fair has received some updates.  Lighting changes (from red to blue) and difficulty adjustment.  Other than that, it’s still every bit as awesome as it was last year!


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