Talk about a Toy Fair hot spot!  It was a challenge just to get within 10 feet of this booth.  But I did get within 10 feet and was lucky enough to be shown some very neat stuff by ChizComm’s Hayley.

Mashems and Fashems

MUReview stopped by Tech 4 Kids last year and was treated to just an epic ton of Mashems of all kinds.  They have more! Still have Marvel, but let’s add Fashems, My Little Pony branded Mashem sized figures that do some hair changes and are also squishy… Hello Kitty too!  Mashems is joined by the Paw Patrol license, which in this house, is FANTASTIC!!!

Micro Lites

Shopkins comes to Tech 4 Kids in the form of Micro Lites.  They look like Shopkins, they light up.  Paw Patrol and Minions also gets the Micro Lite treatment.

3D Magic 3D Creation Maker

This is the gem of the booth!  3D printing for kids!  Fill in molds with liquid plastic, cook the molds in the included kid safe (no heat) oven, then put pieces together to make incredible creations!  Check out the gallery for images!


Tech 4 Kids has so much more that we just weren’t able to see due to the sheer volume of people in the booth, I swear I saw snow mobiles! I Swear!

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