You get to see some really neat stuff at Toy Fair, just really impressive things where you are either like…wow, or, why would they even think to make that.  Visiting the Auldey / Alpha booth I was treated to two such neat things!


We’ve all seen the absolute torrent of remote control helicopters.  I remember when they were the absolute coolest thing ever and selling for $500 for a mega-tiny piece of plastic.  Thankfully, sanity set in and they cost to buy much nearer to what they cost to make, but I feel like the market has stalled a little in innovation.  That ends here!  Alpha has made a voice controlled helicopter!  We got to watch it work, and it is pretty stunning, have a look.

Next up is Wave Racers.  Wave Racers is a motion based racing system.  You build the track from a mixture of track sets, some large, some small, all priced affordably at varying degrees below $50.  Then, you take your car.  You “Charge” your car by waving your hand as quickly as you can by the sensor on the car.  Then you place the car on the track and let it go.  Whoever waved faster wins the race.  The tracks are pretty intricate, lots of loops and twirls.  Definitely plenty for a fun time!

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