For the first year ever in the history of, we are thrilled to bring you coverage of the Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collector event from the Toy Fair 2015 show floor!!  This invite only booth walk through gave collectors / press an incredible up close and personal look at all of the absolutely amazing Turtles coming to market in 2015.  I for one, cannot wait to get my hands on almost all of what we saw!  Thanks to Playmates for having us down, emphatic thanks to Playmates for the jaw dropping parting gift, Mutated Karai!! I went home Saturday night a super hero to my 4 year old!  And now…FEAST YOUR EYES!!

Core Line

The core Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle line is going to grow to bursting this year, bringing new characters and vehicles to delight.  Slight spoilers from this point on.

  • Spoiler – Dimension X Turtles are coming!
  • Ice Cream Kitty, Dr. Cluckingsworth (MD) and baby turtle Slash will be a 3-pack.
  • Kraang Prime!
  • Mondo Gecko
  • The Pizza Thrower!
  • A Maskless Casey Jones will be available with the Slamboni!
  • One of the nicest surprises was a 40 inch Leonardo that unfolds / transforms into a full blown playset with multiple rooms!
  • Playmates is doing everything possible to ensure that no show character goes unaddressed in the toy line and they are spoiling us!!



The Mutations line has been very strong at retail for Playmates and support will continue.

  • More characters! (check the pictures).
  • Turtles that transform into Weapons!
  • Mutations specific vehicles and turtle outfits!


Half Shell Heroes

Half Shell Heroes has been a very big hit in my house, with a 2 year old and a 4 year old, play time spans the core Turtle line and HSH and watching what unfolds is fantastic…but more importantly, I don’t have any weapons to clean with Half Shell Heroes!

  • The line will add more characters (Tiger Claw, Slash, Snakeweed, Spider Bytez).
  • New vehicles with new Turtle outfits!
  • Bath Squirters!


T-Machines, little Turtle themed cars!  The T-Machines line expands dramatically in 2015 with more characters, but also incredible playsets!  Check out the images!


Role Play

Turtle role play in 2015 is alive and well! adding to all of the incredible weapons, masks and shells will be some awesome Dimension X Weaponry with awesome interactive elements, like virtually fighting Shredder!!


Giant Turtles are in full effect, also getting the Dimension X Treatment with incredible accessories, but what knocked our socks off, a remote controlled Leonardo (regular outfit).  At about 18 inches, Leo goes front, back, side to side, swings weapons and looks great!

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