One of the first places we hit at Toy Fair was the Spin Master booth.  We showed up there at about 9:01AM and asked for an appointment, because we had never met Spin Master before.  To our glee and surprise, we found that Spin Master was available at 10:30, and we could come back…so we did!  Most of what we saw can be found HERE.  However, because our house is a Paw Patrol house, Paw Patrol gets it’s own post.  Our two little guys watch the show on repeat for hours and hours.  I say this to you without exaggeration.

It is with this that I’m going to blather about how awesome all of the Paw Patrol stuff we saw was, then I’m going to show you a video, and then a gallery.

Spin Master has put out several toys to support Paw Patrol.

  • Articulated stand-alone figures.
  • Figures with vehicles.
  • Figures with deluxe vehicles (Chase and Marshall only).
  • Plush line
  • Single Piece vehicle with pup.
  • So much more…that’s what’s out.

In 2015, Spin Master steps the game up!

  • More deluxe vehicles to round out the line with Rocky, Zuma and Rubble.
  • Everest and Robopup fill out the figure vehicle and plush lines!
  • The Paw Patroller!  This thing is huge, holds pups, vehicles, has all sorts of incredible articulation!
  • Chase’s Pup Pack, an awesome puppy style utility pack!
  • Stealth Chase
  • Pups in outfits…Cowboy Outfits!
  • Bath Squirters
  • Bath Swimmers! Each pup has their own swim pattern, AND Rocky, gets a little float raft because he hates the water!
  • A Rider ride on toy.
  • Paw Patrol joins Spin Master Ionix line with kid friendly build kits for the pups and the Look Out Tower!
  • Zuma gets a sub with Wally the Walrus!
  • A talking, interactive Chase that plays games with the kids!

Let’s have a look at Interactive Chase first, then we can see the line!

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